Top 5 Victorian Jewelry Pinterest Pinboards

Victorian Jewelry is as characteristic of the Victorian Era as is interior design or clothing.  Made popular by Queen Victoria herself, who loved to wear jewelry and to give jewelry to her friends, the era for this type of antique jewelry spans the years beginning from around 1840 through 1900.

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The jewelry could be said to be sentimental, and used unusual materials.  At this time, shell cameo necklaces, rings and earrings became popular, as did the charm bracelet and charm necklace, whom Queen Victoria brought to everyone’s attention.

In 1861 Queen Victoria ushered in the use of black jewelry, namely jet, a fossilized driftwood, due to her continuous mourning of Prince Albert’s passing.  Considered an antique, or even vintage, the jewelry itself is simply breathtaking, and quite a representative of a distinct time.

To celebrate this unique style of jewelry, I have collected here the Top 5 Victorian Jewelry Pinterest Pinboards.  They capture the fine jewelry of that time.  Please take a look here to see what you can find.  You will not be disappointed!

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Top 5 Victorian Jewelry Pinterest Pinboards



1. there are so many beautiful examples of Victorian jewelry in this first Victorian Jewelry Pinterest Pinboard.  They’ll take your breath away!  Come to this board to see some exquisite pieces you’re sure to love!


Victorian Pearl and Aquamarine Pendant Necklace



Victorian Brooch Filigree Norway

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  • Victorian Etruscan
  • Victorian Bee Brooch
  • Hand Painted Portrait Pin With 28 Rose Bohemian Garnets circa 1900
  • Victorian Brooch from Filigree, Norway
  • Revival Mourning Hand Brooch in Cast Pewter
  • Antique Garnet Diamond Wedding Ring Vintage Victorian
  • 1890s Gold Bracelet
  • Burmese Ruby and Diamond Cluster Ring
  • Locket circa 1860
  • Pearl and Lapis Gold Comb
  • Regal Antique Amethyst Seed Pearl Ring
  • Victorian Bohemian Garnet Bangle Set with a Portrait of George Gordon, Lord Byron
  • Victorian Pearl, Diamond, and Aquamarine Pendant Necklace


Victorian Lord Byron Cameo



Victorian Earrings India



2. this Victorian Jewelry Pinterest Pinboard contains a nice selection of Victorian Era pieces Pinterest pins for your viewing.  Some pieces from other eras, perhaps those that could fit in with a collection of Victorian jewelry, have been included, but most of the jewelry is Victorian.  This pinboard was selected for its unique examples of the Victorian Era, even for this time period.  Check out this great pinboard.  You’ll like what you see!

Victorian Moonstone Orb Pool of Light Ring



Victorian ring with persian turquoise and pearls


  • Antique Victorian Bracelet Pinterest pin Enamel Angel Charm
  • Bronze Victorian Charm Bracelet With An Assortment of Charms
  • Gold Fill Victorian Necklace Pinterest pin
  • Amethyst and Diamond Necklace circa 1885-1895
  • Mourning Pendant
  • 19th Century Silver Vinaigrette
  • An Exceptional Diamond Tiara in Original Case Early 19th Century
  • 18K Solid Gold Late Victorian Garnet Cross Necklace
  • The Goddess of Healing Shell Cameo
  • Watch and Chatelaine by Hippolyte Teterger (Paris) circa 1870-1878
  • 1870s Egyptian Revival Scarab Pendant
  • Victorian Skirt Lifter
  • Vintage 14K Rose-Gold Victorian Ring with Persian Turquoise and Natural Pearls
  • Victorian Enamel Serpent Cuff
  • A Rare Victorian Moonstone Orb Pool of Light Ring Circa 1890
  • Antique Cameo Neo Classic Diana


Victorian Cameo Neo Classic Diana



Victorian Enamel Serpent Cuff



3. the pieces in this Victorian Jewelry Pinterest Pinboard are very beautiful!  Everything is so elaborate and ornate.  You’ll get a kick out of the fine jewelry in this pinboard!  Take a look and see what there is!


Victorian Swiss Ring Watch



Victorian Swiss Pocket Watch



Victorian Swiss Watch Beetle

  • Gold, Enamel and Diamond Open Face Lapel Watch circa 1890
  • Antique Gold Watch Ring with Enamel and Diamonds circa 1860
  • Swiss Gold and Enamel Diamond-Set Keyless Watch in the Form of a Beetle circa 1900
  • Swiss Gold and Enamel Open Face Keywound Pocket Watch circa 1840
  • A Yellow Gold and Amethyst Parure Composed of Necklace, Pendant, Earrings, and Bracelet, England around 1850
  • Mid-19th Century Enamel and Diamond Brooch
  • Victorian Rose Cut and Mine Cut Bohemian Earrings
  • An Antique English Victorian Garnet Fringe Necklace circa 1870
  • Victorian Carved Coral and Gold Cherub Earrings
  • Victorian Festoon Necklace
  • Elgin Ladies 14K Gold Cased Pocket Watch, American, 1891
  • Queen Victoria’s Insignia of the Order of the Garter, 1840
  • A Late 19th Century Gold and Ivory Bracelet
  • Gold and Enamel Royal Presentation Bangle circa 1879
  • Antique Victorian Book Locket, mid-1880s


Victorian Parure



Victorian Brooch


4. this Victorian Jewelry Pinterest Pinboard has so much going for it!  First of all, it has 1,497 pins!  Second of all, the only two words I kept saying over and over again while I was looking through it were “Wow!” and “OMG!”  The pieces in this pinboard are exquisite.  Breathtaking!  You’ll just have to see it to believe it.  So, without further ado, here is the next Victorian Jewelry Pinterest Pinboard!


Victorian Watch Enameled



  • Mourning Victorian Pin Gold Flower 1880 Scroll
  • A Mid-Victorian Diamond Scroll Brooch, French, circa 1860
  • An Impressive Diamond Stomacher Brooch
  • A Victorian Serpent Stickpin
  • Platinum Diamond Emerald Necklace, 1880
  • An Antique Diamond and Ruby “Umbrella” Brooch circa 1870
  • A  19th-Century Vinaigrette Brooch, French, Gold, Enamel, Ruby and Pearls
  • A Late Victorian Moonstone and Diamond Flower Brooch circa 1890
  • Antique Gold, Pearl and Black Enamel Slide Fringe Bracelet circa 1870
  • Victorian Opal Heart Drop Earrings
  • Cherub Enamel Bracelet circa 1870
  • Ladies’ Wristwatch Bangle
  • A Late 19th Century Sapphire and Diamond Crescent Brooch
  • Victorian Watch Pinterest pin Enameled with a Scene of a Young Couple and Signed by the Enamelist Dailly

Victorian Diamon Scroll Brooch



Victorian Moonstone Brooch



5. the pieces in this Victorian Jewelry Pinterest Pinboard are all so brilliant!  I had an amazing time looking through this pinboard, and so will you!  Don’t take your eyes off these pins, or else you’ll regret it!


Victorian Star Sapphire Brooch



Victorian Shell Earrings



  • A Rock Crystal, Enamel, Seed-Pearl and Rose Cut Diamond Brooch circa 1880
  • A Star Sapphire, Diamond and Enamel Brooch circa 1890
  • Victorian Enamel Onyx Earrings circa 1870s
  • A French Hardstone Mid-19th Century Cameo Suite
  • Antique 18K Victorian Opal and Aquamarine Ring circa 1860
  • A Pair of Iridescent Shell and Gold Earrings circa 1870
  • Victorian Fire Jelly Opal Diamond Ring circa 1880
  • Bust of Clytie, Signed by Luigi Saulini, Sardonix Cameo Brooch, about 1862
  • Turquoise Swallow Brooch 1860s
  • A Late Victorian Peridot and Seed Pearl Pendant and Earpendants
  • An Exceptionally Rare Victorian Era Russian Malachite and Gold Parure, St. Petersburg, 1860s
  • Victorian Micro Mosaic
  • Cameo – Cupid and Psyche – 1860


Victorian Exceptionally Rare Russian Malachite



Victorian Fire Jelly Opal Ring





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