Top 5 Weather Twitter Accounts

Twitter is without a doubt the best place to get real-time weather reports, weather updates, and weather emergency tweets.  While it’s true anyone out there on Twitter can tweet weather conditions in their area in real time using their city hashtag or any type of weather related hashtag, the following Top 5 Weather Twitter accounts are run by professional meteorologists working at some of the top weather related companies and Internet sites.

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@weatherchannel:  the Weather Channel’s verified Twitter account has over 3 million weather conscience followers.  @weatherchannel tweets daily weather news, tidbits, videos and alerts from the Weather Channel headquarters.  Forecasts in major cities, regions and locals, short and long term, are tweeted daily and include 7 day forecasts,  animated satellite images, videos of weather phenomenon, breaking earthquake reports, hurricane season updates and landfall predictions, current weather patterns, and extreme weather images and videos.


@NWS:  the National Weather Service Twitter account has over 2 and a half million followers and is the official weather Twitter feed from  Get the latest on severe weather updates and forecasts, visual weather maps, and current weather conditions around the United States.

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@breakingweather:  with almost a million followers @breakingweather tweets weather reports and forecasts from  @breakingweather tweets global weather conditions throughout the day.  Tweets contain lots of cool weather visuals, charts and maps.


@wunderground:   weather underground or is one of the best weather sites on the Internet. Their Twitter account has over 400 thousand followers and counting.  @wunderground is a fun Twitter feed that tweets daily polls, trivia, videos, weather facts, and emergency weather developments.


@WeatherBug:   @weatherbug is another great weather Twitter feed where you can get all the latest weather news and alerts before severe weather arrives. Weatherbug tweets weather reports, photos, animated images and videos from the National Weather Service, the NOAA National Environmental Satellite, and NASA as well as from their own Weatherbug site.