Top 5 Websites and Social Media Sites For Seniors

Seniors are embracing the Internet and social media like never before, and this is good news. Studies are showing that seniors actively participating in some form of social engagement and networking online are reaping positive health benefits.

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For one, these studies (one recently from the American Psychological Association) show a beneficial impact on both physical and mental health. Seniors who engage in online activity and networking communication seem to have overall happier moods and pleasant dispositions.  This benefit is even more pronounced if the networking engagement is with close family and friends.

Many “connected” seniors curtail bad habits such as smoking and health monitoring procrastination more regularly. One study even found that seniors on social media sites are more likely to experience healthier leisure activities. Over the course of several years social media seniors have lower blood pressure and less accounts of diabetes when compared to those seniors void of any social media or online engagement.

With this study in mind what are the best senior websites and social media sites for seniors on the Internet? Everyone pretty pretty much about Facebook. Excluding Facebook, here are my top 5 websites and social media sites for seniors:






The preeminent website for seniors is of course appropriately named Here you’ll find information, products and services focused on serving the needs of seniors.  Here are some of the things you’ll find on

  • Relevant articles related to health, trends, travel, Medicare, money and lifestyle
  • Housing- search for assisted living, +55 communities, and other senior living options
  • Search a directory of businesses that cater to seniors
  • Shop for products that appeal to seniors with categories that include health and fitness, food gifts and baskets, daily living aids, home and garden a lots more.


2.   AARP


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Get the latest information that apply to senior living at AARP that includes:

  • Medicare news and updates
  • subscribe and get lots of deals
  • discounts for seniors
  • social security information
  • entertainment news
  • politics
  • society
  • money tips


3.  Ravelry 


Join a fast growing knitting and crocheting forum as you connect to people to share ideas, learn techniques and discover different pattern information. If you love to knit, crochet, spin or weave this is the site for you.


4.   Theseniorlist

senior product review site

Enjoy a ratings and review site for seniors that includes forums that discuss people’s reviews of products and services that important to seniors. Here is what’s great about this site:

  • Featured articles
  • Technology Reviews on products important to seniors
  • Senior discounts
  • Dietary and Health Articles
  • Forums on caregiving, medical alert systems, housing, discounts


5.   Pinterest


This fast growing social media site is a haven for sharing ideas through carefully constructed pinboards related to topics that interest seniors.  Check out these popular Pinterest senior pinboards to see what’s out there: