Top 5 Workout Videos Pinterest Pinboards

Pinterest is now expanding their reach into the world of videos.  Pictures are great in their own right, but videos can offer a lot more of an experience, especially for those looking for tutorials such as exercise or workout videos.

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More and more Pinterest video pinboards are popping up dedicated to things common to many people. Why not go to YouTube directly, you might be asking yourself? Well, if you’re looking for just one video and you know what to type in then YouTube is a great destination; however, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive selection of workout videos give these 5 workout video Pinterest pinboards a look.


Top 5 Workout Videos Pinterest Pinboards



1. the first place to start your search is here, the workout video explore Pinterest pinboard. There is a little of everything on the explore board when it comes to workouts including 30-minute or less workout videos, Zumba, dance videos, free videos, kickboxing, yoga and lots more.  Here are just a few workout videos you’ll find linked to this explore Pinterest pinboard:




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  • 30-Minute HIIT Home Workout Video Pinterest Pin
  • 20-Minute No-Running Cardio Workout
  • 30 Days, 3o YouTube Workouts
  • The Best 30 Minutes or Less Workout Videos
  • 10 Minute Love Handle and Thigh Workout
  • 10 of the Best Dance Workouts Pinterest Video Pin
  • Drop an Entire Dress Size
  • Kickboxing for Weight Loss
  • 15-Minute Bootcamp Workout
  • Top 10 Zumba YouTube Videos
  • Workout at Home Free Fitness Videos
  • 15-Minute Power Yoga for Beginners
  • Free Workout Videos on Amazon Prime
  • Boot Camp Day 1
  • 30-Minute Brazilian Body
  • Cardio Hip Hop Video
  • Kickboxing Video


2. here are some interesting takes and variations on classic Zumba featured on this Zumba related Pinterest video pinboard:

zumba variations

  • Top 10 Favorite Zumba Workout Videos
  • 10 of the Best Free Workout Zumba Videos Pinterest Pin
  • Full Body Burner
  • Different Variation
  • Easy Fitness Dance Choreography
  • Jennifer Lopez Dance Fitness
  • Hey Baby Zumba
  • Pitbull Celebrate
  • Zumba Quotes and Inspiration
  • Persian Zumba



3. enjoy the explore workout videos for women Pinterest pinboard loaded with great workout videos. Here is just a small sampling of videos you’ll find on this Pinterest pinboard:

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  • Free Dance Workout Videos
  • Cardio For Busy Moms
  • 10 Minute Cardio for Beginners
  • Killer Arm Workout
  • Tone and Shed Back Fat
  • Full-Body Burner
  • 5 Best Butt Exercises Pinterest Video Pin
  • Free Pregnancy Workout Videos
  • Abs, Core, Glutes
  • TRX Routine
  • Full Upper Body
  • Tone Your Lower Back
  • Beginner’s Yoga
  • 30 Minute Fat Burning Workout



4 here is another great pinboard for healthy dance workout videos. There are 200 pins featured here with too many to list. Here are some standout videos that must certainly be viewed:



  • Under the Sea Workout
  • Victoria Secret Model Workout
  • The Hardest 8 Minute Arm Exercise
  • Exercise for Bikini Body
  • Old School Full Body Workout
  • Total Body Yoga Video Pinterest Pin 
  • Billy Blanks Video
  • Zumba Fun
  • Tae Bo
  • Toning Exercises
  • Medicine Ball Workout
  • Partner Exercises
  • Stellar Abs
  • Everything Kettlebell



5. this explore yoga workout video Pinterest pinboard has a lot to offer. There are lots of different exercise videos featured here that offer different approaches to yoga. Here are just a few examples:



  • 10 Fantastic At Home Yoga Workouts
  • Beginner Yoga Workout
  • The Best Free Yoga Videos on YouTube
  • 30 Minute Yoga Routine for Runners
  • 5 Fat Burning Poses
  • Using Yoga Blocks to Improve Flexibility
  • Metabolism Boosting Video
  • Flat Tummy
  • Pregnancy Yoga Video
  • Acro Poses
  • Yoga Fix 90