Top 5 Zombie Facebook Cover Timeline Photo Download Websites

Zombies are definitely popular right now. With the recent success of the AMC’s TV drama The Walking Dead and the 2013 release of a dark comedy feature film called “Warm Bodies” zombies have involved into a trendy and “fun” subject.

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Zombies have fascinated people for many years. I mean it would have to be exhilarating killing the undead. Their lifeless but unrelenting moving corpses recover from any serious body infliction (except maybe the brain of course) and their unabated pursuit of life-filling human flesh make them one of the more alluring creatures, monsters and villains in modern pop culture.

Zombies on the big screen have captivated audiences for decades dating back to films like Night of the Living Dead, Zombieland, and with the more recent popular Resident Evil Series.

With so much zombie love trending out there and millions of Facebook users infatuated with them there are sure to be many people looking for Zombie Facebook Timeline Covers.

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Below are 5 top websites where you can download a variety of Zombie Timeline Photos for free. There is a nice variety of zombie Covers listed below including serious, morbid, cartoon animated, quotes, and just plain funny.


Top 5 Zombie Facebook Cover Download Websites


1. timeline-covers: there are around 20 Zombie Facebook Covers that you can download here for free. Some featured titles include Zombie Army, Land, Animated, Graveyard Zombie Facebook Cover, Hovering Overhead and Headless. Just right click on any image and save it to your computer.


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2. firstcovers: this premiere website has some outstanding Zombie Covers including some humorous ones such as Hate Fast Food, I Heart Zombies Cover, Chuck Norris, Eat Brains, Where’s Waldo, Donald Duck, Scary, A Funny How To Kill A Zombie, and Finger.



3. 851facebook: there are around 30 Zombie Covers including The Walking Dead, Get a Kit..Make a Plan…Get Prepared, Zombie Land, Things To Do (humorous), Quotes, Funny Walker, Business Man, Graveyard Attack, Funny Zombie Flesh Eating Facebook Covers, Graveyard, Outbreak Happens in Vegas and Does It Stay in Vegas, and Great Minds Taste Alike.



4. fbcoverstreet: another premiere Facebook Cover website has some great images. Here is a sampling of some featured Covers: A Hilarious Lego Zombie Facebook Cover, The Night The Dead Wake, Prepare Yourself, Caution May Be Flammable, Zombie Apocalypse, Thriller, Dear Lord Prayer, Hate Fast Food, Attack, and Several Zombie Quote Covers. Like one of these Covers? Just right click on the image and save it to your computer.



5. covermyfb: this top notch Facebook Cover website has 20 unique and colorful Zombie Timeline Covers including a funny Hooters Zombies, Plants vs., Zombies Comen Cerebro Estas A Salvo, Chase You, Want Me For My Brain, Eat Brains You’re Safe, Zombie Memes, Left 4 Dead, The Walking Dead, Use Your Brain, Worst Nightmare, Soldiers, Only Want A Hug, and a funny Gnomes Zombie Cover.





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