Top 6 Gift Ideas for Sci-Fi Fans Pinterest Pinboards

This is a great time to shop for the Sci-Fi Fan in your life because of all the excellent things being offered on the Internet, particularly on Pinterest!  I have searched through pinboards for Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Star Trek gifts and gadgets, and have found the Top 6 Gift Ideas for Sci-Fi Fans Pinterest Pinboards.

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You are going to love these marvelous finds!  There is a wide assortment of sci-fi gifts to choose from that so cleverly depict the scif-fi films and shows mentioned above.  For one, all the pinboards have clothing inspired by the films and shows, the most popular  being t-shirts, and others being accessories like shoes, ties, socks, character aprons and p.j.s.

In addition, the pinboards offer jewelry like cuff links, necklaces and rings that are related to their respective shows.  There are things for the kitchen, as small as spatulas and as large as refrigerators, and other things for the house like clocks and creature taxidermy for your sci-fi fan’s entertainment room or man cave wall!

Artwork appears on these pinboards, as well, some brilliant and exciting with their breathtaking beauty, and others technical and informative. and still others are designed to get a laugh from sci-fi fans who are into pop culture as well.  Take a look at these awesome pinboards.  You’ll be sure to get the perfect gift idea for your sci-fi fan!

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 Top 6 Gift Ideas for Sci-Fi Fans Pinterest Pinboards



1.  right off the bat this first Gift Ideas for Sci-Fi Fans Pinterest Pinboard focuses entirely on gifts for the Star Wars Fan.  There were some really creative and original people who created the gifts found on these pins!  For the Romantic, there are the X-Wing & TIE Fighter Engagement Rings, R2D2 & C3P0 Wedding Rings, and several “I Love You/I Know” inspired gifts!  All the gifts on this pinboard are cool and amazing, like the Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Refrigerator, sleeping bag, rug, and numerous other things.  There is the Star Wars Taxidermy with mounted Taun Tauns, Rancor, and Wampa.  There are quite a few things found in the kitchen, like the Darth Vader Spatula, Star Wars Cookie Cutters and Cookbook, the Princess Leia Apron, and the Death Star Cookie Jar.  And finally, for a pesky rodent problem, there are the Admiral Ackbar “It’s a Trap!” Mouse Traps!  For all these items, and many more, come here for your gift ideas for those Star Wars fans in your life, or stop by to get ideas for your own Star Wars Collection!

star wars gifts 1



star wars gifts 2

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star wars gifts 3

  • – X-Wing And TIE Fighter Engagement Rings
  • – R2D2 Suitcases
  • – Admiral Ackbar “It’s A Trap” Mouse Trap
  • – Star Wars Gift Pinterest Pin Taxidermy – Rancor, Taun Taun, Wampaa
  • – Star Wars I-Phone Cases – C3PO, R2D2, Darth Vader, Chewbacca
  • – Princess Leia in Jabba’s Palace Apron
  • – Star Wars Cookie Cutters
  • – R2D2 Vacuum
  • – Star Wars Gift Pinterest Pin-Trash Compactor Book Ends
  • – Darth Vader Spatula
  • – Han Solo in Carbonite Refrigerator
  • – Glowing Lightsaber Umbrella
  • Star Wars Gifts Pinterest Pin-Cuff Links
  • – Death Star Cookie Jar


star wars gifts 4


star wars gifts 5



star wars gifts 6


2.  this is a truly ingenious Gift Ideas For Sci-Fi Fans Pinterest Pinboard designed for Star Wars Lovers! There are a lot of references to other films and pop culture items, such as Darth Vader as the boss Lumbergh from Office Space, Princess Leia as World War II figure Rosie The Riveter, and even Imperial Forces Invade a Thomas Kinkade Painting! There are some awesome behind-the-scenes Star Wars photographs and some creative Star Wars inspired artwork and inventions.  Bring your sense of humor when you visit this pinboard – you’ll definitely need it!


star wars gifts 7


star wars gifts 8



star wars gifts 9

  • – Star Wars Imperial Forces Invade Thomas Kinkade Paintings
  • – Star Wars Meyers Briggs Chart – Whose Your Character?
  • – Brilliant LEGO Star Wars Sculpture – Life-Size Han Frozen In Carbonite
  • – Darth Vader Helmet Made Out of Recycled Metal Parts
  • – Awesome Behind-The-Scenes Star Wars Photos
  • – Poster – Darth Vader as boss Lumbergh from Office Space
  • – Vader Mood Chart “Today I Feel..”
  • – Chop Sabers – Luke, Vader, Yoda
  • – Steam Punk Imperial Walkers, Vader & Boba
  • – Star Wars Gift Pinterest Pin-Wedding Theme – Storm Trooper Groomsmen, Luke & Taun Taun  Wedding Cake
  • – Steve Jobs In Carbonite iPhone Case
  • – Star Wars Gift Ideas-Text Crawl Dress
  • – Princess Leia Rosie The Riveter “We Can Do It” Poster


star wars gifts 10



star wars gifts 11



star wars gifts 12


3.  this is a wonderful Gift Ideas For the Sci-Fi Fan Pinterest Pinboard.  It is dedicated to the Sci-Fi Show Doctor Who.  This site contains many inspired creations from artists, fans, and general gift creators.  Here you’ll find some beautiful and innovative artwork by specific artists and by fans, as well as jewelry and watches inspired by Doctor Who.  TARDIS appears a great deal in this pinboard, as a jewelry box, a tent, a nightlight, an alarm clock that projects the time on the wall, and even an engagement ring!  Various unique Doctor Who gifts are Monopoly – Doctor Who Edition, Doctor Who 11th Doctor Apron, Sonic Screwdriver Fountain Pens, and a  Gallifreyian Clock.  What a superb assortment of Doctor Who paraphernalia has been gathered here on this one Pinboard!  Come and take a look at what’s here!


doctor who gifts


doctor who gifts 2



doctor who gifts 3

  • – Amazing Doctor Who Artwork from DesignByHuman and others
  • – Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Pin Badge Set
  • – Beautiful  Doctor Who Jewelry
  • Doctor Who Gift Pinterest Pin-TARDIS Jewelry Box
  • – Doctor Who 11th Doctor Apron
  • – Doctor Who TARDIS Lamp/Nightlight
  • – Cool Doctor Who Watch
  • – 11 Gorgeous, Poignant Pieces of Doctor Who Fan Art
  • – Gallifreyian clock
  • – Amazing Doctor Who Case for the iPhone and the iPod Touch
  • – TARDIS Tent
  • – Sonic Screwdriver Fountain Pens
  • – TARDIS Alarm Clock That Projects The Time On Your Wall
  • – Monopoly – Doctor Who Edition
  • – TARDIS Engagement Ring


doctor who gifts 4



doctor who gifts 5


doctor who gifts 6


4.  this Gift Ideas For Sci-Fi Fans Pinterest Pinboard is loaded with fun and creative items for the Doctor Who fan.  There are a lot of Doctor Who garments like t-shirts, ties and shoes, and Doctor Who pocket watches and jewelry.  In addition, there are Doctor Who dishes and cutlery, as well as Doctor Who salt and pepper shakers.  There are even Doctor Who items just for the Holidays, like the Doctor Who Christmas ornaments, Holiday TARDIS string lights, and Doctor Who gift wrap and Holiday cards.  What a terrific selection of Doctor Who gifts for the Doctor Who fan in your life!  Come and browse this pinboard for ideas!


doctor who gifts 8


doctor who gifts 9


doctor who gifts 10

  • – TARDIS in Space T-Shirt
  • – TARDIS in a Van Gogh Print
  • – TARDIS String Lights
  • – Doctor Who TARDIS Van Gogh Hand-Painted Christmas Ornament
  • – Doctor Who Throw Pillows
  • – Ladies Timey Wimey Doctor Who T-Shirt:
  • – Doctor Who Version of Guess Who?
  • – Doctor Who Pocket Watch Necklace
  • – Doctor Who Blueprint Bow Tie
  • – Doctor Who Custom Converse Painted Shoes
  • – Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Briefcase
  • – Doctor Who Salt & Pepper Shakers
  • – Doctor Who Dishes & Cutlery
  • – 15 Awesome Doctor Who Cross Stitches
  • – Cool Doctor Who Key Chains
  • – Dr. Who TARDIS Blu-Ray DVD Case & Collector’s Edition
  • – Handmade Doctor Who TARDIS Apron
  • – Doctor Who Gift Wrap & Holiday Cards
  • – Doctor Who Christmas Ornaments
  • – Doctor Who Charm Bracelet


doctor who gifts 11




doctor who gifts 12


5.  this Gift Ideas For Sci-Fi Fans Pinterest Pinboard is a must-see! It features Star Trek paraphernalia, from the awesome, like cool poster art from the original Star Trek, to the amusing, like the “I Beat The Kabayashi Maru” T-Shirt.  In addition to Star Trek objects, there are numerous photographs of cast members, funny and imaginative Star-Trek related posters, and several posters with artwork comparing items from each film, such as all the Enterprises and all the crews.  One photograph shows all the captains sitting together in one room.  Come look here for some fantastic Star Trek gift ideas!

star trek gifts 1



star trek gifts 2



star trek gifts 3

  • – Star Trek “I Beat The Kobayashi-Maru: T-Shirt
  • – Captain Kirk Apron
  • – Captain Picard “Engage”-ment Ring
  • Star Trek Pinterest Pin-Transporter Shower Curtain
  • – Star Trek Communicator Radio – iPhone & iPod Touch
  • – Star Trek TNG Earrings
  • – Star Trek Historical Vault Book
  • – Jewelry – Vulcan Hand Sign “Live Long and Prosper”
  • – Star Trek Wedding Ring
  • – Star Trek Cuff Links
  • – Spock’s Spork
  • – Star Trek TV Guide Covers
  • – Ode To Spot
  • – Klingon Inspired Baby Cradle
  • – Klingon Monopoly
  • – Awesome Poster Art for Original STAR TREK Films


star trek gifts 4


star trek gifts 5



star trek gifts 6


6.  several things stand out about this Gift Ideas For Sci-Fi Fans Pinterest Pinboard. First of all, there are many clothing items, primarily catchy t-shirts, but scarves, ties, high heels and even p.j.s as well.  Secondly, there is a lot of Star Trek jewelry presented here on this pinboard, like rings, necklaces and cuff links.  This pinboard balances cool with fun, so your search through this Star Trek pinboard will be well worth your time!  Come and see for yourself!


star trek gifts 7



star trek gifts 8



star trek gifts 9

  • – Star Trek Sterling Enterprise Ring
  • – Red Shirt Running Team T-Shirt – “I’m Probably Not Gonna Make It”
  • – Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge
  • – Star Trek Borg Cube Whiskey Chillers
  • – Star Trek Enterprise Projection Alarm Clock
  • – Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt
  • – Saucer Section Men’s Tee
  • – Star Trek Starfleet Ice Tray
  • – Join Starfleet Art Print
  • – Beautiful Starfleet Necklace
  • – Star Trek Inspired Coffee Mug Set
  • – Ultra High Star Trek the Next Generation Custom Comic Book Decoupage Shoes
  • -Resistance is Futile Women’s T-Shirt
  • – Star Trek Starship Enterprise Cuff Links


star trek gifts 10


star trek gifts 11




star trek gifts 12



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