Top 7 Calligraphy and Calligraphy Tools Pinterest Pinboards

There is an art called “Calligraphy,” and there is a breed of artists called “Calligraphers”.  Their artwork is founded in an art that is 100s of years old and is practiced in many different countries.  Calligraphers use unique tools to create their beautiful artwork, from different types of pens, pencils, markers, and brushes, to special ink, to various colored paper.  Spend time with a calligrapher, and you are liable to hear the words nib, dip pen, Spencerian Script, ruling pen, cola pen, and vintage lead holder.

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Though you may not know what all of these words mean, they sure do, and more!  It is for these awesome artists that I have compiled here the Top 7 Calligraphy and Calligraphy Tools Pinterest Pinboards.  They are specifically chosen to provide a wide assortment of calligraphy pins that discuss calligraphy tools, calligraphy styles, how-to calligraphy guides, and even more!

The pins themselves are breathtaking pictures of calligraphy paraphernalia.  Please come and see what these super Pinterest Pinboards have here for you!


Top 7 Calligraphy and Calligraphy Tools Pinterest Pinboards


1.  this first Calligraphy and Calligraphy Tools Pinterest Pinboard is an all-purpose place to find all things calligraphy.  There are pins dealing with calligraphy pens, ink, calligraphy styles, and there are guides to help from start to finish.  Take a look at this great pinboard for some excellent ideas!


calligraphy 4


calligraphy 1



  • Tutorial Shows You How To Create Modern Calligraphy Using a Dip Pen
  • – Step by Step Brush Scrolls from the Public Domain Book
  • – How To Use a Dip Pen in Your Art Journal
  • – Envelope Addressing
  • – Guide Starts at Square One, Taking  You Through What To Buy, How To Hold the Pen, and What to Write!
  • – Wedding Invitation Calligraphy
  • – Favorite Script Wedding Fonts
  • – Envelope Inspiration: Calligraphy and Vintage Stamps
  • – A Terrific Resource for Learning Calligraphy, Including Lessons, Worksheets, Videos, and Tricks.
  • – Envelope Addressing in Lindsay Style
  • – Fountain Pen Ink
  • – How To Use an Oblique Calligraphy Pen
  • – Pretty Hand Lettering in 3 Easy Steps
  • – Porcupine Quill Pen
  • – The Uniball Signo Broad in White


calligraphy 2

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calligraphy 3
2.  this Calligraphy and Calligraphy Tools Pinterest Pinboard is exciting because it offers various types of calligraphy to peruse.  There is Asain calligraphy, Arabic calligraphy, and Istanbul calligraphy to name a few.  The pins discuss fonts, pens and pencils, as well as penmanship.  Also mentioned in the pinboard is calligraphy swirls, how to calligraphy with a pencil, and how to do 3D Lettering.  For an educational and entertaining time, come see this Pinterest Pinboard!
calligraphy 5
calligraphy 6
  • – Detail of Decorated Initial Origin, England
  • – Asian Calligraphy
  • – 3D Lettering with Parellel Pen & Pencil
  • – Letterhead Fonts
  • – How to Hand Letter Envelopes
  • – Istanbul Calligraphy
  • – “Ornamental Penmanship” an Example of  Vertical Penmanship
  • – Hand-Drawn Banner Tutorial
  • – Hand-Lettering Quotes by Sean McCabe
  • – Words of Gold Collection – Arabic Calligraphy
  • – Pilot Lettering Pen – Size 10 – Black
  • – Typographic Illustration
  • – How to Calligraphy With a Pencil
  • – Handwritten Letters
  • – Calligraphy Swirls


calligraphy 7
calligraphy 8
3.  the best part of this Calligraphy and Calligraphy Tools Pinterest Pinboard is that it is geared toward beginners.  There are several hand lettering and calligraphy tutorials and guides to follow, many of which discuss the best supplies to use to achieve success with hand lettering and calligraphy.  To see more about how to get started with hand lettering and calligraphy stop by this pinterest pinboard for a look!
calligraphy 9
calligraphy 10
  • – Learn the Calligraphy Alphabet
  • – Calligraphy Practice Paper – Free Templates to Download
  • – Supplies – Calligraphy Kit and Workshop
  • – Calligraphy Gift Guide for Calligraphers, Letterers and Enthusiasts
  • – Hand-Lettering for Beginners
  • – 30 Days to Better Hand-Lettering
  • How to Create Beautiful Calligraphy
  • – A Guide to Brush Lettering
  • – 15 Must-Follow Calligraphers
  • – 30 Mind-Blowing Hand-Lettering Examples
  • – Calligraphy Tutorial – Getting Started, Calligraphy Supplies
  • Calligraphy Resources
  • – Beginner Calligraphy Essentials



calligraphy 11
calligraphy 12
4.  this is quite an impressive Calligraphy and Calligraphy Tools Pinterest Pinboard.  Many of the pins deal with Spencerian Script, including the guide Spencerian Key To Practical Penmanship from 1874.  In addition to the many examples of Spencerian Script to follow, there are numerous pins offering tips on monograms, such as Victorian, Vintage and Embroidery from the 1950s.  Some pins describe various ways to address envelopes either in an eccentric style, or with a black envelope and white calligraphy.  These are just the main things this pinboard touches on.  To see these suggestions and more dealing with hand lettering and calligraphy look here!
calligraphy 15
calligraphy 16
  • – Lettering in Watercolor
  • – Hand Painted Crest
  • – Spencerian Key to Practical Penmanship (1874)
  • – Watercolor Tips
  • – Brush Lettering
  • – Envelope Template for Addressing
  • – Brush Lettering Gift Wrap
  • – How To Address Your Own Eccentric Envelopes
  • -Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen Black
  • – Spencerian Script Napolean
  • – A Guide To Drawing Pens
  • – Vintage Monogram Inspiration
  • – Ornamental Penmanship
  • – Black Envelope & White Invitation Calligraphy
  • – Embroidery Monogram Patterns from 1950
  • – 2100 Victorian Monograms
  • – Illuminated Letters
  • – 1882 Lettering



calligraphy 13
5.  this is a terrific Calligraphy and Calligraphy Tools Pinterest Pinboard.  It focuses on the tools used for calligraphy.  The pins offer images of antique nibs, steel pens & ink and ink bottles, but they also illustrate modern pens and markers of all kinds and with differing brand names.  Stop by this great pinboard; you’ll find it a joy to browse through!
calligraphy tools 4
calligraphy tools 3
calligraphy tools 6
  • – Dip Nib Primer
  • – Dip Pen Coil Reservoir
  • – Glass Pens
  • – A Comparison of Different White Ink Pens
  • – Drawing On Black Paper
  • – Calligraphy Marker Pen – Metallic Colors
  • – Glitter Brush Marker – Clear
  • – Water Resistant Pens – Micro Pens, Sharpie Pens, Ball-Point Pens
  • – Best Guide Ever For Pens and Markers
  • – Fiberglass Eraser Pen – Correct Mishaps!
  • – Steampunk Scribe
  • – How To Make a Bamboo Pen
  • – Unusual Nibs Collection
  • – A.W. Faber Catalogue from 1897  – Steel Pens & Ink
  • – 24 Vintage Pen Nibs
  • – 10 Piece Antique Steel Pen Nibs  – English Post Office


calligraphy tools 5
calligraphy tools 1
calligraphy tools 2
6.  you’ll love this quaint Calligraphy and Calligraphy Tools Pinterest Pinboard.   Its pins reveal calligraphy tools from different places and different times.  There are Chinese calligraphy brushes and tints from Munich.  There are many vintage calligraphy tools: calligraphy utensils, vintage lead holders, ink erasers, and vintage ads for steel pens and fountain pens.  There is even a pin with the picture of a calligraphy shop with calligraphy tools of all kinds!  Come quickly to this fabulous pinterest pinboard and have some fun searching for different calligraphy tools!
calligraphy tools 7
calligraphy tools 8
calligraphy tools 9
  • – Vintage Lead Holders
  • – Typography
  • – Tints from Munich
  • – Fountain Pens Galore
  • – Hand-Carved Calligraphy Tools
  • – The Automatic Pen
  • – Chinese Calligraphy Brushes
  • – Calligraphy Shop
  • – Calligraphy Utensils
  • – Calligraphy Brushes Hang on the Wall
  • – Spencerian Writing – The Golden Age Of Ornamental Penmanship (1850-1925)
  • – Copper Tubing Dip Pen
  • – Ink Erasers
  • – Vintage Ads for Steel Pens & Fountain Pens


calligraphy tools 10
calligraphy tools 11
7.  this stimulating  Calligraphy and Calligraphy Tools Pinterest Pinboard will capture your attention with its fantastic images of pens – engraved pens and steampunk pens, to name a few, and of its many inkwells, from Germany to France and beyond, from different eras, and even from famous brand names like Tiffany.  Come stroll through this lovely pinboard for a pleasant view filled with many pleasant surprises!
calligraphy tools 12
calligraphy tools 13
calligraphy tools 14
  • – German Turquoise Faience Inkwell
  • – Ruling Pens
  • – Cola Pens
  • – Deco Cut Glass Inkwell
  • – Ormolu ink well, circa 1840
  • -Tiffany Studios Glass Ink Well, Late 19th / Early 20th century
  • – Vintage Letter Writing Set
  • – Colorful Inkwells
  • – Beautiful Steampunk Calligraphy Pens
  • – Vieux Paris Inkwell
  • – 19th Century Ink Well
  • – Ink Pot with Feather
  • – Gorgeous Engraved Fountain Pens Pinterest Pin – Works of Art
  • – Japanese Bamboo Dip Pens


calligraphy tools 15
calligraphy 17
calligraphy 18