Top 7 Facebook Timeline Fantasy Cover Photo Free Download Websites

Creating Fantasy art is an ancient practice that has origins in Greek mythology, Chinese Folklore and even as far back as ancient cave people whose paintings depicted mythical creatures and strange Gods drawn on cave walls.  The human species has always been captivated by the unknown, dreamlike state of the unconscious. Our imagination tends to blend the real and unreal together creating fanciful images of beauty, surrealism, mysticism, mythology, heroism, unworldly creatures and the macabre.

The Facebook Timeline Cover can showcase your love for Fantasy themes and beautiful digital artwork. You will find a nice variety of Fantasy themes and images such as fairies, Gods, mythology, women goddesses and warriors, elves, monsters, dragons, angels, demonic figures, unicorns, magic, death and mystical ethereal beings.

I searched over 100 wesbites and found 7 sites that feature specific Fantasy Facebook Cover Photo categories. There are over 1,000 Fantasy pictures to choose from. All images are free to download to your computer or upload straight to your Facebook account using special apps. Quantities in bold are subject to change as new pictures are added daily.

7 Fantasy Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Free Download Websites


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1.Changecovers: there is a massive inventory of 648 Facebook Fantasy Timeline Cover photos to select from. The layout is fantastic for previewing these incredible high quality digital Fantasy Facebook Covers. Fantasy subjects and titles include astrology, horoscope signs, dragons, fantasy worlds, futuristic cities, apocalyptic Earth, unicorns, mythical creatures, monsters, and goddess warriors. You can either click the blue “Install on Facebook” button to have the Cover uploaded straight to your Timeline photos by a special app or just right click and save the image to your computer with the “save as” function.


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2.addacover: is starting to become the premiere Facebook Timeline Cover website addacover has one of the best selections of exclusive Fantasy pictures you can download and upload to your Timeline for free. There are over 340 Fantasy Covers to choose from.  I’ve featured addacover on over 30 blog posts about Facebook Covers and counting. Their inventory is massive and ever growing. Click on the Fantasy category and you will be treated to titles such as Pink and Purple Fairies, Purgatorium, Sweet Unicorns, Filled With Sadness, Mermaid, Magic Painting, God of the Machines, Fantasy Girl and Fairy Princess. You can right click and save picture as to save to your computer.

3.coverjunction: has around 100 Fantasy Covers to choose from with many incredible looking digital images. Featured covers include titles like Run Aground, Host Castle, Angel of Death, The Persistance of Memory, Tomorrow, Fantasy Angel, and Fantasy Monster. Pictures can be saved to your computer with the right click and “save as” option or click on the “add cover to my Facebook” button to allow the Coverjunction app to upload the image straight to your Timeline.

4.Freeprofilecover: another great website that has 450 Facebook Fantasy Covers with a nice preview page layout of 18 picture on each page. Hover your mouse over the image and see a larger image appear that shows much more detail. Image do note have titles but include some of the more popular Fantasy images floating around out there in cyberspace. If you like an image you can click on the picture and right click and save as.

5.Get-covers: has 68 incredible looking digital images of Fantasy origins with some unique titles such as Goth Angel, Dragon, Death, Fantasy Wolf, Forest Elf, Fairy, Goth Girl, Grim Reapers and Oriental Fantasy. Click on the image and right click to save to your computer. You can also click on the larger “click to upload to Facebook” button for a quick and easy upload to your Timeline photos with their special app.


6.fbcoverskins: has over 20 bright and coloful Fantasy Facebook Cover photos to select from. You’ll find some popular Fantasy images like fairies, unicorns and dragons. Click on the “use this as your Cover photo” to allow the special app to upload the image straight to your Timeline.

7.pagecovers: there are 33 pictures cataloged under the Fantasy and Gothic category. There are some bright and colorful images of  mystical creatures and fantasy creations like the White Unicorn, Medusa, Dracula, Ghost Warrior, Goddess and Pink Dragon, Gothic Mermaid Skulls, White Lion in Blue Fire, Pegasus, and Dragon Fire. Facebook version 1.7 is a special app that will automatically upload your chosen image to your Timeline photos.


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