Top 7 Free Online Photo Editing Software Tools For Your Facebook Timeline Cover and Profile Picture

The Facebook Timeline Cover Photo is here to stay. With the inevitable mandatory switch to Timeline the Cover Photo will become the most prominent part of your life story. It will be the first thing your friends and family will see before jumping straight to your status updates and the time slider.

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The Cover Photo is also easy to add and change. People are already making creative Covers with the clever use of photo effects and other enhancements done by photo editing tools. See my 10 beautiful Facebook Timeline Covers post below to get a better look at what ingenious ideas people are coming up with for their Covers. If your asking yourself, “how and where can I edit photos for my Facebook Cover” then please read further.

10 Beautiful Examples of Personalized Make Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Banners

Because of this focal point in your Timeline the Cover Photo will deserve some attention to detail and design. With the added bonus of incorporating your profile picture within the Cover some artistic skill will be required to sync both of these together. In order to accomplish this task it goes without saying that photo editing software will be in high demand.

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While you can turn to professional Photoshop programs to create more complex digital art Covers there are plenty of free online photo editors that will allow you to upload images straight from your computer. Within seconds you can begin working with free editing tools to create that perfect picture for your profile picture, Facebook Cover Photo or both.

I found 7 highly recommended and free online photo editors that will help you accomplish your goal in creating the appropriate photo for your Timeline. The editing can be done easily online without any special downloading of programs or software, except for the Poladroid Image Maker. Just click on the get started page, upload your image from your computer, phone or URL and start using the diverse set of editing tools that each one of these programs has to offer. It’s time to start constructing a great Cover Photo today.


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7 Free Online Photo Editing Programs For Your Facebook Timeline Pictures and Photos


1. Pixlr: the premiere online and mobile phone photo image editor with a million and a half images being edited everyday. Pixlr has an easy interface that allows you to import images from your computer or mobile device.  Has many photo editing tools at your disposal and support forum if you need help navigating around the site or working with your photos. This is a great tool to help you enhance your profile picture and Facebook Timeline Photo Cover.


2. Lunapic: another totally free editor for your photos and Facebook Timeline Cover Photo. It’s simple and easy to use and the tools are many with lots of editing, draw, effects, adjust, and animation features. There are some great video tutorials that will walk you through some of the editing features like adding, rotating text and animation.  


3. Adobe Photoshop Express: a simple free basic express editor that handles many of your basic editing functions for your profile pictures and Timeline Cover Photos. Just click on the “upload a photo” button and get started. All your basic editing tools are available including crop and rotate, auto correct, touchup, redeye, soften, focus, pixelate, black and white, tint and distort. Once the photo is done you can easily save it to your computer.


4. Free Poladroid Image Maker: create high resolution old style classic polaroid pictures you can use for your Facebook Cover. This is a totally free editor that requires only a download  of the Poladroid application. All they ask is an optional paypal donation to help keep this great program free and to help continue with adding new features. This is an easy to use program just drag and drop your photos into the editor. These nostalgic Polaroids even have smudge marks that make them look authentic. A great effect to use for a Facebook cover. Just upload them into a free Facebook cover editor, add some effects and or a background and you’re done.


5. Pixisnap: fancy up your Facebook Timeline cover by uploading ordinary pictures from your computer to the pixi snap photo editor. Choose a mosaic or Polaroid tile style, choose a cool matching background and save it to your computer. I tried this editor and was able to complete a nice Polaroid picture. It looks like they are trying a beta version for Facebook Timeline upload.

6. Fotoflexer: one of the more advanced photo editing free online software websites on the Internet. This site features more advanced effects for those who would like to explore more editing tools and features. The things you can do here are impressive: effects, fonts, shapes, doodling, distortions, retouch, layers, and the much touted  advanced options.


7. Phixr: upload your photo and start editing with the featured tools on this online photo editor. Use the color effects, camera and lens effects, picture frames, collages, overlays and added text features to match your uploaded photo with your Timeline Cover background image.


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