Top 7 Wallpaper and Background Pattern Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Download Websites

There are literally thousands upon thousands of popular wallpaper and background patterns. They come in all sizes, shapes, colors, designs, and templates. There are geometric shape patterns and prints with themes like squares, triangles and rectangles.

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Looking for animal skin prints that are patterned? Well, you can find all your favorite animal skin pattern Covers like Cheetahs, Giraffe and Zebras on some of these sites below. Other popular patterns include polka dots, stripes, plaid, diamonds, hearts, swirls, and stars. There’s even digital abstract art patterns. If that’s not enough there are combinations of objects, graphic symbols and emotions all mixed together to form a variety of patterns. The list goes on and on.

With the Facebook Cover Photo many people are choosing to make their own designs using free Cover editors and professional photo shop software. Many such people are adding beautiful and catchy pattern and print backgrounds as a backdrop to their photos.

So what can wallpaper and background patterns add to your Cover? Quite simply, a pattern can add a nice contrast to your Cover creation or it can enhance a preexisting theme or design. Either way you’re bound to find some type of Cover pattern that you can use as a stand alone image or background for your personal photos.

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Patterns are one of the more popular categories for Facebook Timeline Covers. Here are 7 websites that I’ve come across that have quality and extensive selections of pattern and print Cover images. All images are free to download and upload to your personal Timeline page.


Top 7 Patterns Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Download Websites


1. pagecovers: this premiere website has the largest selection of pattern Facebook Cover Photos with around 380 images of cool stylish patterns and digital art. This site has an expansive inventory of patterns so if this is what you are looking for than this has to be your first stop. Featured examples among the hundreds of choices include Smiley Hearts, Peace Chanel Pink, Sun Burst, Red Gold Fish, Rain and Clouds, Hearts Flowers Skulls, In Love Checker Board, Poker, Neon Chalk Hearts, Obama, Floating Colors, Green Ladybugs, Rainbow Skulls, Playboy Gold Bunny, Mascara Dots and Love. You’ll have to use the special app to log into your Facebook account and upload the image straight to your Timeline.

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2. covermyfb: there are around 250 pattern Facebook Timeline Cover Photos that you can download for free. Here is a list of the titles of some feature images: Lace and Pearls, Rose Pattern, Blue Boxes on Grey Stripes, Paint Splatter, Zebra Print Purple Pink, Diamonds and Hearts, Swirls, Green Stripes, Squares and Dots, Girly Make-Up, Polka Dots, Fleur-De-Lis, Plaid, and Harlequin Cover. All images are free to download by either using the special app to upload it straight to your Timeline or by using the right click “save image as” option to download your chosen image to your computer.

3. firstcovers: the pattern Covers you’ll find here are pretty high quality digital art pieces. Some featured titles include Rainbow Pattern, Square, Heart, Pink Polka, Flowers, Different Color Zebra Stripes, Abstract Circles, Grunge, Abstract, Blue Leopard, Leaf and Peacock Cover. Right click and save image as to download it to your computer.

4. 99covers: there are over 60 Pattern Facebook Covers to choose from at 99covers. There are 16 images per page which make for a nice viewing layout. Just click on the thumbnail image to get a larger Cover image then right click and choose the save image as option. There are some great images here with titles like Light Rainbow Lines, Water Cells Blue, Small Glowing Rocks, Twisted Colors, Wallpaper Floral, Colorful Lines, Painted Flowers, Tool Pattern, and Abstract Lines.

5. freetimelinecovers: there are around 40 unique and interesting Facebook Pattern Covers to select from. Image titles include Funny Circles, Apple, Donuts, Tetris, Green Dots, Cement Wall, Bamboo, Colorful Tiles, Wood Planks, Real Strawberries, and Fish Bowl.  There is an auto Facebook install app that will upload your selected image for you or you can choose the right click and save as option to download it to your computer.

6. iwantcovers: you’ll find over 20 images under the Patterns and Prints category including Animated Eyes, Snowflakes, Flower Power, Hexagons, Skulls, Jellyfishes, Wild Hearts and Tiger Stripes. Like most of these websites you can use their special apps to upload the image straight to your Timeline or just right click and save the image to your computer.

7. fbcoverstreet: another 20 unique pattern and print Cover Photos with some special types including Dinosaur, Skulls, Funny Dope, Peace & Ying Yang, Billionaire Boys Club, and Pink Leopard.  

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