Top 7 Purple Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Free Download Websites

Purple The Color Of Royalty, Strength,


Wisdom And Courage


Many people are opting to go with purple Facebook Cover Photos for their Timeline. Solo or one-only color themes are popular these days and with so many digital images being produced out there daily it’s hard not to see why. Why is purple one of the more popular color choices for a Facebook Cover?

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Purple is a strong, potent color and it is held in high esteem in a lots of cultures and has been for centuries. There is a strong correlation in the bible between royalty and the color purple. In medieval Europe the blue and red dyes were very expensive and so only the very wealthy could actually afford cloth of purple hues.

In the old days the color was a more reddish purple called Tyrian purple and was worn by the Roman Emperors. In Europe the bold hues of the robes of the royal houses were various shades of purple but kings wore what came to be known as Royal purple. The peasants or working classes wore only brown or green.

Purple evokes mystery, magic and romance. It is made from a combination of the warm fiery red and the cool deep calming hues of blue. When they come together they are magic. But you have to be careful with purple because too deep a hue can evoke feelings of sadness and despair.

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Just as some hues bring to mind royal courts, still others evoke visions of hearses and the sadness of loved ones lost. As you can see purple is versatile color and it can be a great decorative accent in any room in the house.

Even in nature purple suggests majesty and inspires awe. The Orchid, the lily and the violet are delicate and considered to be very precious. Lavender has one of the most calming effects known to man. The color purple is great for stimulating the creativity of the artist or the imagination of the very young.

The deeper shades of purple or the very bright shades are said to denote riches, while the more subtle shades are considered more delicate or romantic. If you are decorating with purple remember that to give warmth to a room use the redder shades of purple and if you want a cool, calming and relaxing room use the bluer shades.

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For the above reasons mentioned purple in all its hues and subjective meanings is a popular choice for a Facebook Timeline Cover. I searched the Internet and found 7 quality websites that have hundreds of purple themed Covers of all types that you can download and upload for free to your Facebook Timeline.

Below you will find a variety of purple images in nature as well as man made and even abstract creative. If you love purple than I believe you’re bound to find an image or two that’s right for you. Enjoy.

1. candiecovered: this is just a great Facebook Cover website for color themed photos. There is a category for just purple with over 30 images you can download to your computer. The layout is great with 10 large purple rich images including Purple Earth, Serenade, Flowers, Flower Pattern, Ballet, Snakes, Tree, Purple Girl, Sailing, Bridge, Lightning and Field.

2. covermyfb: all things mostly purple here. The following images have a lot or just a little bit of purple. There are over 260 purple themed Covers that you can download and upload to your Timeline photos for free. Now, that’s a lot of purple. Here is a short list of some featured titles: Purple Pattern, Cherry Blossoms Lane, Love, Retro Neon, Purple Skies, Sunsets, Valley, Glowing Flowers, Purple Flower Wedding Music, Stripes, Zebra, Speech Bubbles, Lots of Purple, Backyard, First Born and Purple Flower Babies.


3. pagecovers: this site features around 30 purple themed and accented Cover images including Purple Sparkles, Squares, Wild Zebra, Hearts, Pink Purple Spirit Cover, Katy Perry, Vikings, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, and Dragon. Click on the “add this cover to your Facebook profile” and allow the app to upload your selected image to your Timeline photos or right click and chose the “save image as” option to download it straight to your computer.

4. coverphotoz: has a nice preview page of around 30 purple Covers submitted by users from around the world. Some highlights include Purple Blossom, Lightning, Night, Tiger, Music, Splash, Eye, and more various Purple Flower Facebook Covers. Like a cover? Just right click and save the image to your computer.

5. coverjunction: another great user submitted Cover website with over 20 purplish looking images submitted by various users including Purple Rain, Ball, Superman, Purple Day, Hearts, Tree Foliage, Water Flower, and Purple Skies Cover. Just right click and save the image to your computer.



6. myFBcovers: has around a dozen Covers that you upload straight to your Timeline photos using the special app. Some featured samples include a cool Purple Butterfly Cover, Lightning, Tree, Hot Rod, Pumps, Stripes, Abstract, Dew and Car. Each image has the number of downloads plus you can share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

7. sharecovers: there are around 10 unique purple images including some cool Purple Leopard Print Wallpaper Background Cover, Zebra, Heart Art, Cheetah Print with Hearts, Money Skull, Purple Girly Skulls, Peace and Abstract.


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