Top 7 Space, Universe and Hubble Telescope Facebook Timeline Cover Download Websites

“Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people.” – Carl Sagan.

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The Universe is a mysterious and wonderful place. It’s not very often that you get a glimpse of the past as you do when you look at distant objects in Space. Objects like Quasars and Black Holes are some of the most powerful, brilliant objects in the Universe. NASA’s fine precision optical instrument the Hubble Telescope captures images from Space that are stunningly revealing and beautiful.

Some of these same images have been reformatted to accommodate the new Facebook Timeline Cover Photo. I’ve searched over 100 websites that specialize in Facebook Covers and found 7 nice collections of NASA Hubble images, photographs and digital art of various Space and Universe Facebook Cover themes, objects and stellar events. 

These featured websites each have a specific category for Space related images. All images are free to download or you can upload them instantly to your Timeline using their special apps. Quantities in bold are subject to change as new pictures are added daily.

7 Space and Universe Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Free Download Websites


1. W3Wallpapers: this Facebook Cover website has hundreds of high quality digital images to select from. Their Space category yields 169 NASA related images of classic stellar objects and phenomenom with titles like Colliding Galaxies, Birth of New Stars, Stellar Debris, Fading Stars, Quasars, Dark Nebulae, Earth’s Surface, Spiral Galaxy, Upgoing Meteors, The Moon, Saturn, and Comet. All Covers have identifying titles and can easily be downloaded to your computer with the “save as” option or click on the “upload to Facebook” button and allow the special app to upload the image for your straight to your Timeline photos.

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2. changecovers: has a large inventory of around 230 Space images. There are some incredible digitally enhanced images of the planets, moon, satellite imagery, Science Fiction Fantasy, galaxies, spacecraft, astronauts, binary star systems, future worlds, super nova, quasars, and the mysterious black holes.  There are some mind blowing images here that would make eye catching Timeline Covers. Click on the “Install on Facebook” blue button

3. freeprofilecover: you’ll find over 60 beautiful Space and Planet images of all types including shots of the Milky Way, distant galaxy shots, nebulae gases, asteroid belt, and distant unknown planets. Picture have no titles but are digitally enhanced and make perfect Covers for your Facebook Timeline. Click on the picture and then the “upload to Facebook” button to allow the app to directly upload the chosen image straight to your Timeline photos. You can always use the right click and save option as well to retrieve the image an upload it yourself into a free Facebook Cover editor to format the image to the correct dimensions.  

4. Coverjunction: here you’ll find over 40 Covers with a nice mix of Hubble telescope images as well as digital artist renderings of some incredible stellar events and objects. Some featured picture titles include Cosmic Ballet, Total Solar Eclipse, To the Moon Looking Back, Outer Space, Lift Off, Solar System, Moon Landings, Aurora, and Antique Moon. You can either use the app “add as my Facebook Cover”  and upload the image to your Timeline photos or right click and “save as” for a manual upload later on. You can also share your Cover pick on Twitter and Facebook.

5. Coverswag: there are 35 large Space Cover images to select from. Some of the highlights include Planets in the Sky, Telescope, Stars, Planets, Earth, Blue and Red Space, Rainbow Space, and Galaxy. You can use the app to allow the images to be uploaded straight to your Timeline photos by clicking on the “add banner to your Facebook” or right click and save the image to your computer.

6. fbcoversking: there are some bright and colorful Space images like a Blue Glow Earth, Space Aurora, Purple Galaxy, Future World, Electric World Crashing, and the Colorful Cosmos.


7. kawaiicovers: 20 beautiful digital artistic examples of Space Covers of planetary systems, galaxies, stars, and more. You can click on the green “upload” your cover to have the image directly uploaded to your Timeline or use the right click and “save to” option to have the image downloaded to your computer.


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