Top 8 Pinterest Homemade DIY Christmas Ornaments Idea Pinboards

There is nothing quite as satisfying and personal as making your own homemade DIY Christmas ornaments. If you’ve been making your own Christmas ornaments for a while or are attempting to experiment with them for the first time then Pinterest can be the perfect resource.

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I searched lots of pinboards on the web and narrowed it down to these top 8 Pinterest homemade DIY Christmas ornaments idea pinboards. There are thousands of  creative ornament ideas on these 8 pinboards with links to general tutorials, what materials to use and steps on how to make them.

Here are just a few Christmas ornament ideas you’ll find listed on these boards:

  • felt Christmas ornament tutorials
  • handmade tutorials and “how to” steps
  • using recycled paper ideas
  • free printable paper ornaments
  • how to make a paper star
  • hand painted ornament ideas
  • using jar lids
  • clay cut-outs
  • recycled old clothes cut-outs
  • toilet paper roll tubes
  • using hot glue and craft beads
  • pipe cleaner ideas
  • children’s toys
  • old wooden spools
  • DIY crochet
  • old bottle caps and cd’s
  • buttons, clothespins and craft sticks


Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas.

Top 8 Pinterest Homemade DIY Christmas Ornaments Idea Pinboards



1. this popular homemade Christmas ornament pinboard has over 625 pins and 7,200 followers as the date of this post. There are too many ornaments to list here but here are a few exceptional ones: 130 homemade Christmas ornament tutorials, DIY recycled old glass, burlap coverings, easy 6-step glitter filled ornament tutorial, recycled soda tab, Santa gnome pine cone tutorial, make a paper angel, use what you have from old household items, crushed shell star, 3D star, homemade stamp ornament, googly eye, 3D look paper, old ribbon spools, mason jar lid painted, vintage cookie cutter, clothespin ornament ideas, make cute felt ornament patterns, toilet paper roll tube hanging shapes, how to make festive bird, baby’s first, and old hanging used cd’s. 


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2. this massive Pinterest pinboard has over 1,600 ornament pins and over 5,000 followers. There is enough on this board alone to find plenty of ideas for ornament making. Have a go at some of these: template for making felt ornaments, DIY snowball paper crafts, melted crayon, toy soldier clothespin, children’s toys into ornaments, working with beads, DIY crochet, origami Christmas tutorial, tissue paper star Christmas, paper angels, apply scents, make a candy cane decoration, punched paper photo, hot glue glittered snowflakes, how to make decorations with Popsicle sticks, recycled sweater crafts (clever), cardboard tutorials, craft sticks, using yarn, many make Christmas felt ornament tutorials and a great how to make a classic and high quality paper star tutorial.  



3. this is the king of all homemade DIY Christmas ornament Pinterest pinboard with over 3,800 and around 7,000 followers. Here are some featured homemade pieces: curtain ring ornaments, DIY snowflake ballerinas, sparkly clay ornament tutorial, hanging felt birds, felt covered sardine can, make toilet paper tube ornaments for your Christmas tree, gilded egg, burlap crafts, whimsical hand painted, embroidery homemade ornaments, ceramic snowman, paper angels, using old wooden spools, vintage tinsels, using bottle caps, jar can painted, make clay shapes, die cut paper designs,  and how to make a paper Christmas star ornament.



4. there are some great pins on this board that you can try at home just in time for Christmas. Here are just a few ideas that you can decorate your Christmas tree with this holiday season: wooden star toothpicks, using old wine corks, more hand painted ornament ideas, easy pipe cleaner art, simple wood crafts using craft sticks and clothespins, 101 handmade ornament tutorials, photo tin lids, felt covered, golfers snowman, small button wreaths, happy meal toys, button tutorials, and how to make simple homemade paper stars.  


5. there are several felt ornament ideas on this board and more including felt star with embroidered beads, lots of DIY felt Christmas tree hanging crafts, snowman, felt pets, burlap and twine, using denim old jeans cut outs, jar can lid, painted corrugated cardboard cutouts, fortune cookie, felted vintage style, crochet pattern, how to make a snowflake out of scrap paper, cool paper bag style shapes, little Christmas socks, clay ornament tutorial, and a great memory of past Christmases with a sawed off piece of each Christmas tree from past years.



6. looking for some free pintables? Try some of these out: turn free printables into ornaments, toilet roll reindeer, Charlie Brown ornaments, fabric gift tag tutorial, origami star, cool self portrait ornaments, felt pom pom, beautiful fabric houses, yarn wrapped candy cane, recycled paper ornament ideas, using household buttons, DIY photos using grocery bags, paper stars, pipe cleaner snowflakes, paper tube snowflakes, and bottle cap snowman.



7. this is one of my favorite boards here for the real budget minded or frugal decorator. There are some simple ornaments crafts that require basic household items and recycled materials that you can do with the kids on this board. Try some of these and enjoy the craft of making ornaments on a tight budget: recycled old sweater snowball ornaments, preschool Christmas decoration with Popsicle sticks, icicles with pipe cleaners, sharpie drawing on porcelain bulb, recycled Christmas cards, old milk jug cut outs, handing plastic container cut out strips, simple wreath, free printable paper ornaments, 20 ways to dress up a plain Christmas ornament, and make a snowflake out of puzzle pieces. 


8. I close out this post with another great homemade crafts ornament pinboard. While titled as a general Christmas decoration board there are plenty of crafty creative Christmas ornaments scattered about. Here are just a few: hand embroidered ornaments, crafty hanging wine corks, how to tutorials, use beads for ornament cover patterns, Christmas felt reindeer, felt hearts, ideas to create decorations using hot glue and craft beads, how to make snowflakes, great paper decoration tutorial, chocolate kisses, make a mistletoe, making a paper star, paper mache snowman tutorial, button and tart tin, and how to make beautiful handmade Christmas ornaments




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