Trending Hashtags For August 2013 Including Current Events, Movies, and Music

August 2013 continues to generate thousands of hashtags daily. Below is a short list of the most recent trending hashtags on all the major social networking sites with a short description on why its trending written below some of the more popular ones.

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Each hashtag below is linked to the HashtagGuide site where you can follow what people are tweeting, posting, and commenting on these topics in real time on all the major social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ (Plus), YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

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Elon Musk billionaire inventor and entrepreneur wants to finance a prototype high speed transportation system known as the hyper loop that will get you across east to west in the United States in less than an hour.


sinkholes are pretty common in Florida


wins PGA 2013 Championship


meteor shower on display


popular meteor shower on display should light up the skies this August.




Steve Jobs has finally made it to the big screen with this film that documents his life story. Starring Ashton Kucher



based on real life circumstances





documentary film depicting the meteoric rise of this popular boy band. Tweets about the film are being tagged with this hashtag




becoming a huge success in the world of romantic and lusty novels 50 Shades of Grey will be hitting the big screen soon


Who will play the lead roles in the upcoming film based on the popular series Fifty Shades of Grey?



Author of Fifty Shades of Grey



Popular social Internet game.


Danny Wolverton’s, also known as Special Head, levitation act on America’s Got Talent has taken Twitter and Facebook by storm.

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The hot show this summer has gotten lots of response on Twitter and Facebook with plenty of hashtags and tweets


are these mythical creatures, fact or fiction?