Trump Flag Burning Tweet

President-elect Donald Trump tweets about flag burning following in response to an event that happened at Hampshire College Massachusetts. ¬†Anti-Trump demonstrators removed a flag from a campus flagpole, while others proceeded to burn American flags in protest of Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 Presidential election over Hillary Clinton.

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Here is Trump’s flag burning tweet:




“Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag-if they do, there must be consequences-perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail”.

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Of course as is the case with Trump, tweets about flag burning ignited, no pun intended, a firestorm of responses from political party representatives, media pundits and everyday citizens alike on Twitter and in the mass media.

A very emphatic tweet by President-elect Trump has drawn the attention of constitutional scholars who are weighing in on the matter citing these 2 main obstacles if the tweet by Trump is to be taken literally.

For one, the court decisions that determined flag burning is an act of political expression and is protected under the First Amendment.

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Second, the Supreme Court used the 14th Amendment as a defense against stripping someone of citizenship solely by the government.

Flag burning amendments have been recommended in Congress before using the argument that the act of burning the American flag or desecration of the symbol could lead to fighting words and violence. However, the measures have failed to gain the majority of votes needed to pass in Congress.

Meanwhile the debate continues as Trump, the 45th President, continues to surprise with unconventional responses to events he sees unfolding around him.

The reaction on Twitter to flag burning hashtags has been strong. You can continue to monitor the public’s reaction to the Trump flag burning tweet.



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