Twitter Tweets and Hashtags As Fruit Ninja Integrates With Xbox Kinect

At this year’s E3 expo Kinect, the motion control system of Microsoft’s Xbox, and Halfbrick’s popular mobile game Fruit Ninja are forming an unstoppable alliance. It will be added to the Xbox live arcade this summer.

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Expert gamers are saying that Fruit Ninja was the perfect game for Kinect and a relaxing way to spend your time after playing some of the more intense style games like Call of Duty.  So what are people tweeting about Fruit Ninja’s integration with Xbox’s Kinect and what are some popular hashtags?

@kinect: with one tweet gives you a link to @xboxfor all Kinect news.

@XboxKinect: a Xbox Kinect Twitter feed

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@_kinect: Kinect brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways, with full body play.

@TheFruitNinja Dojo: not a lot going on here but has the potential to ratchet it up with Halfbrick’s move to integrate Fruit Ninja with Kinect. This Twitter’s account bio states “A couple of badass ninjas on a mission to destroy fruit. Tweet your scores at us to rise through the ranks of all ninjas and become a black-belt. Send pics.”

@fruit_ninja : pretty much the same site as above with over 600 followers. Tweets could be flowing real soon. This Twitter’s bio reads “addicted to the fruit ninja game on iPhone. Trying to get the highest score ever – follow me to see if I win? :-)”

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@Halfbrick: The inventors of Fruit Ninja. This Twitter bio states “Developer of awesome games like Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash and Age of Zombies on iPhone, and Raskulls for XBLA!” Over 15,000 followers.

Here are some off -Twitter sites that relate to Fruit Ninja:

FruitNinja: The Official Site of this popular iphone game, a game that only trails the angry birds in popularity.

FruitNinjai On itunes: the official itunes-iapps download site for the Fruit Ninja.

Fruit Ninja Hashtags On Twitter: #fruitninja   #kinect   #halfbrick   #xbox  #xboxkinect

Again to find a trending hashtag topic place a pound sign or hashtag in front of the keyword your looking for.