Watson's Hole In One and Other British Open Hashtags

Tom Watson’s hole in one on the 6th hole during the 2nd round of the 2011 British Open Championship today is bringing out a lot of tweets with the #holeinone hashtag.

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Funny because the British Open had the least number of hole in ones of any of the four golf Majors, 6 at the time. Then, all of a sudden we see 2 in one tournament.

Earlier in the first round Dustin Johnson had a hole in one on the 16th hole.

The British Open has had the fewest hole in ones of all the Majors. But it has had some remarkable ones in its history. In the 1973 British Open Gene Sarazen at age 71 made a hole in one.

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People are really tweeting up today’s and yesterday’s back to back hole in ones. Follow these trending British Open and hole in one hashtags to read the latest tweets about the rarity of this event.

Hole In One Trending Hashtags On Twitter








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#OpenChamp – Tom Watson’s Ace: http://bit.ly/o1Kown Westwood / GMac fall flat: http://bit.ly/r4W2PF Current scores: http://bit.ly/pBNSqg

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