What Country In The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Has The Most Gold Medals?

The 2014 Sochi Olympics has officially started and the competition is on. Over the next several weeks the top athletes from all over the world are gathering in Sochi to compete for the top prize, the gold medal.

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So it goes without saying most Olympic followers want to know a daily gold medal update on what country in the 2014 Winter Olympics has the most gold medals. Some follow this stat particularly to see if there is any one country that is steam rolling ahead and simply dominating the Olympics.

Here are 5 tops sites where you can get instant real time updates on which country has the most gold medals at the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

Gold Medal Count Sites

1. Sochi2014: this is a great destination medal page set up and maintained by the official Sochi2014.ru website. The page presents a great medal count stat sheet updated medal count in real time. This medal count page includes rank, country, 2014 Winter Olympics most gold medals, silver and bronze. The total medal count is also included.

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sochi medal count


2. NBCOlympics: the official NBC Olympics medal race has a great medal race count update page which features gold, silver and bronze medal counts.  This page has another great feature: the all time standings page. As you will see in the all time standings for gold medals Norway leads the United States followed by Germany and then the former Soviet Union.


NBC gold medal count


3. Sochi2014 Medal App: this is the android Sochi 2014 medal count app with constant updates what country is leading the 2014 Winter Olympics with the most gold medals. The app is free and has a good user review rating.

4. Google: Google itself has a 2014 Winter Olympic gold medal count updated in real time.

5. Medalcount: the name says it all, medal count has a great feature called the “my watch list” where you can drag the country our countries your following to get up to the minute medal counts in gold, silver and bronze. It even has an audio alert feature.


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