What Day Are They Showing A Charlie Brown Christmas in 2012?

The networks seem to be having a tradition of broadcasting the Charlie Brown holiday specials weeks before the actual holiday itself. ABC is keeping to this tradition as they present “A Charlie Brown Christmas” later this week.

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There is something about the simplicity of these Charles Schulz characters that make these programs so enduring. A Charlie Brown Christmas in particular draws some distinct analogies between Charlie Brown and the unwanted decrepit Christmas tree he picks out of the lot.

Charlie Brown sulks around town depressed in his perceived lack of human spirit and kindness in the Christmas holiday. There is just too much materialism out there. When he tries to conduct the local Nativity play he is appalled by the serious lack of interest in the religious importance of the holiday. When he has to find a tree for the play Charlie Brown disappoints as he selects the worst tree in the lot.

At first ridiculed by his friends for picking such a lousy Christmas tree a depressed Charlie Brown is moved as he listens to Linus preach about the true meaning of Christmas to the gang.

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Inspired by this everybody joins in to decorate the little spirited tree and begin singing Christmas carols celebrating the glorious Christmas holiday.

Charlie Brown still fascinates as generations of fans can still relate to some of the themes presented in the show.

Where Charlie Brown has universal appeal is in the music selections written and performed by Vince Guaraldi.  This special is loaded with memorable songs like the catchy “skating”, “Christmas Time is Here” and the jazzy rendition of “O Tanenbaum”.  Kids today love this piano music; especially the classic “Linus and Lucy” song.

So what day and what time are they showing “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in 2012? ABC will be showing this program on November 28th, 2012 at 8:00 EST. Be sure to remember your time zone as the show will come on earlier as you move more and more out west.


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