What is Donald Trump’s Thank You Tour Schedule?

Donald Trump is embarking on an extensive tour, appropriately labeled the “Thank You Tour 2016”, around parts of the country to celebrate with his supporters his historic victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election.

Trump’s hinting at maintaining his high level of intensity in these celebratory rallies very akin to his pre-election ones. So what is Trump’s Thank You Tour schedule?

Unfortunately, the Thank You Tour schedule is going to be a more “plan as you go” kind of tour. There are really no set dates or venues really at this time, except the kick off rally in Cincinnati. However, there are some possible preliminary announcements coming out of Trump’s camp on places that rallies may be scheduled.

Here are some of the following places that have been mentioned around on social media:

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Ohio-Cincinnati: Trump’s kick off rally

Indiana: Trump set to visit the Carrier plant in Indiana. Trump’s pitch to keep their company in the United States and not Mexico has convinced the company owned by United Technologies to stay put.

Iowa: There is some mention of Des Moines, Iowas as a possible stop

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Utah: Plans for Trump to visit Utah have been circulating around the Internet. Perhaps this could be where a big announcement of Secretary of State could be launched.  Mitt Romney of Utah is in prime contention for this cabinet position.

Other places have not been announced officially or speculated even so to say the Thank You Tour schedule is tentative is an understatement to say the least.

Updates on the Thank You Tour 2016 schedule will be forthcoming. Stay Tuned here on Tweeting.