What is the Sea Org of Scientology That Reportedly Tom Cruise Wanted To Send Suri To?

If you’re like me you probably didn’t know much or cared to know about the religious organization called the Church of Scientology until just recently when Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise.

If you’ve been following the career of Tom Cruise as far back as his marriage to Nicole Kidman there were many whispers in the media of Cruise’s involvement in Scientology.

In May of 2005 I remember hearing about an interview in which Cruise criticized actress Brooke Shields for using an anti-depressant for postpartum depression stating that medical drugs that help treat chemical imbalances that cause mood disorders was not condoned by Scientologists. He recommended her take vitamins instead even though it has been successfully proven that psychiatric medication has help remedy and relieve symptoms of mental disorders.

Now we have this latest news coming out of the media yesterday that Katie Holmes was worried that Tom Cruise was ready to put Suri into the Sea Org or Sea Organization for her continuing education. Although, the Church is denying that anyone under the age of 16 is allowed to enroll even though former members have sworn to have seen children on board.

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So what exactly is the Sea Org and why might this have been a thorn in the glamorous couple’s relationship and parenting methods?

Basically, the Sea Org is a ship full of high ranking Scientologists and teachers who preach, practice and indoctrinate those who have been recruited or enrolled by their parents to seek the ultimate in Scientology training.  Former members say the indoctrination aboard the Sea Org is akin to a cult brainwashing with strict adherence to methods and procedures.


Here is a picture of the Sea Org ship. It’s pretty big, easily over 4oo feet long.

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Speculation is that Holmes did not agree to the coercion methods applied by Cruise in wanting to send Suri to the Sea Org without her or her parents. Filing for divorce seemed like the logical solution to preventing Suri from joining the Sea Org. However, the Church is stating that it would be impossible to take anyone under 16 as this is not their policy. Looks like this story has some further development in the works.

It’s almost a surreal story and could be the making of a movie one day or a lifetime network made for TV drama. Ironically, it would be a movie about real Hollywood actors playing out their lives behind the mysterious cult-like organization of Scientology.

This is a story definitely worth following over the next few months on the Internet and social media. Here are some important Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Suri, Sea Org and Scientology Facebook, Twitter and other website pages to read and follow.


Here is a breakdown of Scientology in documents and indoctrination

Scribd.com/collections-the Sea Org explained. Has several articles, more like documents explaining specific methods of Scientology. There is one particular document of interest as it pertains to Suri’s indoctrination into the Sea Org entitled “Children in Scientology and the Sea Organization“. Pretty wild breakdown into stuff like “thetans” or souls and reincarnation when it comes to what children learn on the Sea Org.


Twitter and Facebook accounts

@Scientology: the official Twitter page of Scientology.org with over 16,000 followers and 56,700 tweets to date. Tweets links to videos, news and articles on their own website scientology.org about training courses and news. 

facebook.com/pages/Scientology: Facebook wiki talking about what is Scientology in a nutshell.

@tomcruise: the official verified Twitter account of Tom Cruise with over 3 million followers and over 5,400 tweets to date. Nonthing being tweeted yet about the divorce.

facebook.com/officialtomcruise: the official Facebook account of Tom Cruise with over 1.9 milion likes.

@holmeskatie: this is the official Twitter site for katieholmes.com with over 11,700 followers. Katie Holmes does not personally tweet.

@TomCruiseGossip: is tweeting daily about this story.  A Tom Cruise gossip Twitter feed tweeting breaking news about the actor as it comes in. Just recently posted a tweet regarding a legal update on the divorce.

Holmes and Cruise divorce hashtags on Twitter


#suri hashtag tweets




#Scientology hashtag


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