What Is Twitter’s Stock Symbol?

Twitter has not yet announced the day it will officially start trading its IPO stock. Twitter has also not released information on what exchange the stock will be trading on: the NASDAQ or New York Stock Exchange.

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One question has been answered though: what is Twitter’s stock symbol?

Twitter will be listed and trade with this stock symbol: TWTR

This is an appropriate selection as the letters when sounded out phonetically actually sound like “Twitter”.

For many investors who purchase TWTR stock this symbol will hopefully be a welcome abbreviation as the stock climbs higher and higher.

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Here is some more information about Twitter’s financials: 

Twitter will float around or up to 472,613,753 shares

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Twitter has a long way to go and grow if it wants to catch up to its giant rival Facebook. It claims it has around 218 million active users.

How many tweets per day do these active users deliver as revealed in Twitter’s IPO filing? According to Twitter its over 200 billion tweets daily.  

Twitter’s big push is in the mobile market. It claims that around 65 percent of its ad revenue come from mobile ads and that over 70 percent of its users are primarily accessing Twitter through their smartphones.

Twitter employs around 2,000 people and will expect this number to continue to increase.

As with all filings Twitter listed several reasons why Twitter could be a volatile investment: 1) The company has many influential users such as celebrities, politicians and world leaders. If many of these were to leave their active roles and jump ship to another platform then the company could suffer. Let’s just hope Justin Bieber stays put on Twitter for a while if you decide to gobble up TWTR. 2) If they cannot convince users and future users to continue seeing the value of using their products and services. 3) not being able to control or reign in Spam on the site could potentially create a contaminated and cluttered platform.

On a final note, many analysts are predicting the company could grow over 25 percent or more in the near future and this could bring in a nice return if you decide to invest some cash in this company during the IPO phase.


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