What Objects Are Hidden Inside Pottermore?

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Pottermore beta has been out for 5 days now, open to a small luicky few early registrants and already people inside are coming out reporting some interesting discoveries.

One of these discoveries has to do with hidden objects inside Pottermore. Since most of us at this time do not have access to Pottermore we’ve all been relying on testimony from people inside being tweeted or posted in places like Twitter or the Pottermore forum.

What are some interesting hidden objects in Pottermore? There are plenty of objects hidden throughout Pottermore. People are posting some lengthy lists. It is also important to note that not all the objects are hidden, some can be purchased in the shop.

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Note: the rest of this post will be about some objects people are finding inside Pottermore but will not indicate where. If you don’t mind knowing what some of these objects are please continue to read this post. Again, items are mentioned but location is not.

One interesting object in Pottermore that’s turning up is the prefect badge. This is an interesting find and could be a factor in the accumulation of the Pottermore House Points. I stress could be because at this point I have not heard anything about how it will actually work.

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The prefect is a student who is chosen in his or her fifth year who receives extra duties, responsibilities and authorities. One of the powers of the prefect is to take away house points from students within their own house as a penalty for breaking the rules.  Again, no one yet inside Pottermore has mentioned how they were able to use the prefect badge, its function or even how it will be used.

Another popular object that is being found is the winged key. Winged keys are of course are literally keys that fly by the power of a flying charm spell and were used to guard the philosopher’s stone. Only one of the keys could unlock the door into the fourth chamber. Have not hear yet how this object will be manipulated inside Pottermore.


One of the more popular objects being found inside Pottermore is the Golden Snitch.  The Pottermore Golden Snitch is the fourth ball used in the Quidditch match where the goal is to have one seeker from one team catch it before the other team.  People would be elated if there were some type of Quidditch game scenario inside Pottermore but this has not been confirmed I don’t think.  The Golden Snitch object will only rekindle the discussion once again.

People are also finding the Dragon Egg in Pottermore. Dragon Eggs are considered non tradable and as of yet have not heard how this object will be used in the game.

Part 2 of more hidden objects in Pottermore coming real soon.