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The question presented which is what time does the 2012 Cyber Monday start or begin cannot be completely answered. Just like this year’s 2012 Black Friday which blended into Thanksgiving Thursday Cyber Monday 2012 is blending into Sunday plus left over Black Friday and Thursday deals all rolled into one. Confused?

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Well, back to the question at hand. Cyber Monday 2012 actually begins whenever the online retailer decides to begin. For example, Best Buy will begin their Cyber Monday sale on Sunday calling it a 2 day sale. Some retailers are foregoing the label of Cyber Monday all together and substituting the term “Cyber Week” instead.

Here is a breakdown on what some of the major online and major retailers are doing to kick off Cyber Monday. Each listing will have the Twitter account of the company where deals are tweeted daily.

1. Best Buy: is having a two day sale with major discounts in almost every category including TV’s, computers, tablets and E-readers, mobile phones, home and appliances and video games. Deals are literally across the board with substantial discounts on almost all items ordered online.

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@BestBuy_Deals: check out Best Buy’s Twitter account to get the latest Best Buy tweet deals on products like Apple ipad 2, Kindle Fire, and Samsung Galaxy.


2. Amazon: so when will Amazon start their Cyber Monday specials? The giant online retailer will also begin its Cyber Monday on Cyber Sunday, November 25th through Tuesday November 27th, 2012. Amazon is really planning on lowering their prices substantially as well on of course electronic products of all types.

@amazon: follow the amazon Twitter account to get the latest tweets on deals all day long while shopping online at Amazon on Cyber Sunday.

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3. Walmart: leave it to Walmart to start their Cyber week on Saturday just a day after Black Friday. Walmart is offering up major discounts on electronics, clothes and jewelry on their online website. Just order online and they will ship your order to the closest Walmart in your area for free. All you need to do is head over to your local Walmart and get it.

@walmart: get the latest discount tweets and specials daily from Walmart’s Twitter feed.


4. Sears and Kmart will also follow suit and begin their Cyber Week on Sunday.


5. Ebay: check out their Cyber Deals page for updates with major product discounts. Click on their Cyber Monday deals tab.

@ebay: check out the latest deals and discount tweets from Ebay.


6. Target: is having a Cyber Week sale with great deals on exclusive items. This Target sale will end on December 1st, 2012.

@target: follow all the latest tweets from Target during the entire week sale.


7. Toys “R” Us: begins their Cyber Monday start time at  6 p.m. EST on Sunday, Nov.25. Has up to 50 percent off select toys.

@toysrus: major deals and discounts being tweeted daily. A must follow for real time information which will save you money.


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