What Time Does Cyber Week 2012 Start?

What first started out as a singe day of Internet shopping called Cyber Monday has now turned into a whole week of online deals and bargains called Cyber Week. Many people are now asking will some Cyber Monday sales last all week? This is a great question to ask as the whole Black Friday Cyber Monday thing can be a tad confusing since many companies are starting these special days a day earlier.

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This year companies are really pushing the envelope by blurring the lines on which day Cyber Monday starts and how long it will last or will it turn into a Cyber Week or not. For example, look what happened this Thanksgiving as some brick and mortar type retailers pushed their Black Friday back  one day into Thursday evening. Walmart for example opened its doors at 8:00 p.m. EST, November 22, 2012 a day before Black Friday.

The same thing is starting to happen with Cyber Monday as more online stores, some big ones, are starting their Cyber Monday on Sunday with some announcing that they will have a week long sale ending on December 1st, 2012.

Ok, so let’s clarify again. What time does Cyber Week 2012 start?  Well, for sake of simplicity let’s just say Cyber Week starts Sunday November 25th and lasts until Saturday December 1st, 2012.

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However, the reality of Cyber Week is that each company has their own timeline for this special shopping event. So what stores will be having a Cyber Week sale? Let’s first take a look at some of the big retailers that will be advertising deals, bargains and discounts for the entire week. After that I’ll list other stores advertising just cyber deals on Monday or thru Tuesday.

I found 4 top online retailers having their Cyber Week starting on November 25th to December 1st. Here are the 4 companies with descriptions and featured items with discounts and special shipping details listed.


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Walmart: the king of retail is advertising one whole week of Cyber Monday deals if you shop online. There is free shipping on many orders straight to your door with something they call Home Free Shipping. Other orders you can pick up at your local Walmart.

How long will Walmart’s Cyber Week last? Walmart’s week long cyber sale will last until Saturday, December 1st.

Some of the discounts and bargains I see featured include 40 percent off apparel, huge price cuts on electronic and throw blankets,  Xbox 360 Ultimate Bundle, PS3 Gamer Bundle, and Ematic eGlide tablet. 


Target: this retail giant is having it’s online Cyber Week all week ending on December 1st. Target is having some serious discounts for online purchases especially in the electronics section. Some of the deals and major price slashing I saw featured on Target’s website include Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player, Sony 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player, Nintendo Wii U, Apple i-pod touch and a Gateway 15.6″ laptop $100 off and free shipping. These are great deals.


Amazon: the king of online retail is advertising something they are calling “Cyber Monday Deals Week” which will be lasting all week. The deals are fast and furious with huge discounts on large quantities of items like computers and accessories, clothing and accessories, home audio and theater, television and video.


Sears: the old giant retail chain is advertising Cyber Week store time up to Wednesday, November 28th 2012.  Sears online sales will get an extra 5% -40% off plus free shipping on all orders over $49. There is an extra 20 percent off women’s shoes, kids shoes and kids toys. Some huge bargains are to be had at Sears online like saving $430 on a pair of quality Maytag washer and dryer. Save anther $400 on a Nordic Track E5.7 Elliptical. Be sure to check out their deals of the day.


Other stores having either just a Cyber Monday sale or Monday thru Tuesday sale exclusively include:

Best Buy: having a 2 day sale from Sunday, November 25th to Monday November 26th, 2012. Big discounts and savings on electronics and appliances.

Barnes and noble: their Cyber Monday sale offers up to 60 percent off selected inventory.

Macy’s: another 2 day special beginning on Sunday and ending on Monday, November 26th. Save 50% plus and extra 25% to 40% off clearance items.

Kmart: is advertising deals all the way to Tuesday November 26th. Look for hundreds off selected plasma TV’s, laptops, tablets, GPS Navigators and digital cameras.

Toys “R” Us: the toy giant retail on online retail store is having a huge Monday sale with over 70% off  thousands of toys. That’s huge discounts on toys of all types and for all ages.

Ebay: is having a four day Holiday frenzy ending on Tuesday the 26th of November with free shipping.

Office depot: its Cyber Monday deals are plentiful with savings of $200 on colored printers and computers.

Lowes: 300 plus values advertised for their Cyber Monday sale.

Zales: advertising 70 new Cyber Monday specials with savings up to 60% off and free shipping for all orders over $49.


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