What Time Does The 2013 Andy Murray vs Novak Djokovic Wimbledon Finals Match Start?

It’s not every day that you witness a Brit participating in the Wimbledon finals, let alone standing triumphant as the winner. But this is what is at stake on Sunday as the top ranked tennis players in the world square off at center court for what promises to be an excellent finals match.

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Both players worked hard to get here. Djokovic had to pull out a 5 setter with two tiebreakers to put del Potro away while British son Andy Murray had to overcome a break in his rhythm.

Murray was on a serious roll rallying to break serve and win a set when his opponent Jerzy Janowicz started to complain that he was having trouble picking up the ball because it was getting dark. Murray complained to officials that there was easily 45 minutes left of day light. But these pleads went unanswered and both players had to depart the court as the roof began its slow retracting.

Murray came out from the break with his rhythm still strong and took care of business beating Janowicz and punching his ticket to the Wimbledon finals on Sunday.

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The 2013 Wimbledon Finals promises to be grand. Both men have pretty good records against each other with Murray winning it at the U.S. Open and Djokovic taking home the Australian Open.

So what time does the Andy Murray Novak Djokovic Wimbledon finals match start?

The match is scheduled to begin on Sunday, July 7th at 2:00 pm BST (British Standard Time). So how do you convert this time to other time zones in the United States? Here is a breakdown of the starting times in these time zones:

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Eastern Time Zone: Start Time 9:00 AM  (New York)

Central Time Zone: Start Time 8:00 AM  (Chicago)

Mountain Time Zone: Start Time 7:00 AM

Pacific Time Zone: Start Time 6:00 AM  (Los Angeles)

Alaskan Time Zone: Start Time 5:00 AM

Australian Melbourne: Start Time 11:00 PM

The finals will be broadcast on ESPN.


Stay tuned for this historic event to see  if Andy Murray pulls it off. If he does he will be the first Brit in 77 years to win London’s famous hallowed tennis tournament.

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