When Will Daniel Radcliffe Host SNL Saturday Night Live?

Get ready for some Harry Potter parodies coming your way to Saturday Night Live this January. It was announced yesterday that Daniel Radcliffe will be hosting a Saturday Night Live show on January 14th. Surprisingly, this will be the first time Radcliffe has hosted the show.

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SNL has a long tradition of spoofing characters that their hosts personify and this will no doubtingly continue when Radcliffe takes the stage. You can easily guess a Saturday Night Live Harry Potter sketch poking fun at the characters or movie will be on the menu.

Radcliffe is trying to make that difficult transition from being know as a one dimensional actor playing the same character over the past 10 years by showcasing his versatility on Broadway and a crucial role in the upcoming horror movie “The Women In Black”.

@WomanInBlackUK: the official Twitter feed of Hammer Films and Momentum Pictures and the Women In Black film due out February 10th, 2012 with over 2,900 followers.  Tweeting about this classic ghost story movie, behind the scenes filming and exclusive new images from the movie.

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@nbcsnl: the official verified Twitter account of Saturday Night Live with over 102,000 follower and 1,100 tweets. Tweets news about the show including this latest tweet about Daniel Radcliffe:

@SNL_updt: another Saturday Night Live Twitter feed tweeting updates on the show with over 3,500 followers and 1,300 tweets.

As far as I know Daniel Radcliffe does not have an official Twitter account at this time.

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If your still hungry for the good old days of Harry Potter monitor the new Pottermore site that will be opening up soon for everyone to enjoy.  There are over 100 Pottermore specific articles on the tweeting blog so have a look around to familiarize yourself with Pottermore.

In the meantime please visit the Pottermore Fan Forum and join an ever growing list of members excited about Pottermore. If you’re waiting to become a member this is a great place to hang out and have fun.