Where Are All The Pottermore Chamber of Secrets Hidden Objects?

Pottermore just recently opened up book 2, the Chamber of Secrets Chapters 1-4. As will be the norm throughout the Pottermore experience you must continue to collect objects of all types hidden within the moments of each chapter and scene. These objects can be broken down into Regular Objects, Magical Objects, Potion Ingredients, Chocolate Frog Cards, Wizardry Books, Spell Books, and Galleons. Almost every object in Pottermore can be placed in one of these categories.

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I’ve written several separate blog posts on each of the Chamber of Secrets Frog Cards, the hidden books, and potion ingredients. This post will include all objects including the ones that fall into the above mentioned categories. How many hidden objects are you to collect in the Pottermore Chamber of Secrets book?

Below you will find all the objects that you need to collect in the first 4 chapters of the Chamber of Secrets. Be sure to come back and visit this post at a later time as soon as Pottermore opens up chapters 5-11 and then the remaining final chapters of the Chamber of Secrets. I will be amending to this post as new chapters open up and new hidden objects are discovered.

Meanwhile, here is quick rundown of all the hidden objects in the first 4 chapters of the Chamber of Secrets with a little info on what are the objects, where to find them and…..

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Spoiler Alert!!!

How to find the Pottermore Chamber of Secrets Hidden Objects

Chapter 1, Scene 1-The Magic Word

Things to collect:

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  • Flower head-you can’t miss these, they are purple flowers in the hanging flower pot.
  • Jar of Honey-double click twice or zoom 2 and grab the honey off the back kitchen counter.
  • Cornelius Agrippa Chocolate Frog Card-use the hairpin from chapter 4, scene 4 to open the cupboard closet to get this card.
  • Collect Bertie Bott’s Sprout-flavoured Bean-collect the Sprout flavored Bean from the shelf in the closet cupboard after using the hairpin in scene 4 to open it.


Chapter 1, Scene 2-Two Enormous Green Eyes

Things to collect:

  • pruning sheers-double click or zoom 1 and pick up the Pruning Sheers in the outside shed.
  • Dried nettles-double click twice or zoom 2 and get the Dried Nettles from the wheelbarrow.
  • Rose thorns -also with the double click twice or zoom 2 option you can pick up the Rose Thorns near the flower bed, left side of it.


Chapter 2, Scene 1-Dobby the House-Elf

What do I need to collect here?

  • Newt Scamander Chocolate Frog Card-double click zoom 1 and look for the crease on the bed near the pillow, click near the left side of the blanket crease and find the Scamander Frog Card hidden underneath.


Chapter 2, Scene 2 -Aunt Petunia’s Pudding
What’s here to collect?
  • Bertie Bott’s Sugared Violet Flavoured Bean– keep Aunt Petunia’s Pudding afloat for 14 seconds successfully and get rewarded the Sugared Violet Flavoured Bean.


Chapter 3, Scene 1-Harry’s Escape

Things of interest:

  • Wizarding World’s relationship to Technology (not really a collected item, just new release material from J.K. Rowling, click on Harry to get it).
  • Bertie Bott Chocolate Frog Card-a double click or zoom out will open up the room. Get the Bertie Bott card near the over turned light on the floor.
  • 4 Bertie Bott’s Beans-A Bertie Bott’s Toast-Flavoured Bean (on the chair), Bertie Bott’s Pepper Flavoured-Bean (on bed), Bertie Bott’s Chocolate Flavoured-Bean (on top of chester drawer near Harry Potter’s foot) and Bertie Bott’s Baked Bean-Flavoured Bean (double click zoom 1 on the book shelf.


Chapter 3, Scene 2 -The Weasleys

Just one thing to collect here:

  • Horklump Juice-double click zoom 2 and get the Horklump juice in the Burrow’s Garden to the left.


Chapter 3, Scene 3-De-gnoming the Garden

Another one and done object here:

  • Gilderoy Lockhart’s Guide to Household Pests-easy, throw 4 gnomes over the grassy wall and receive this book.


Chapter 4, Scene 1 -Letters from School
Finally the 2nd Shopping List:
  • 2nd Shopping  list-complete the Letters from School game with the correct sequence then the porridge moves revealing the 2nd shopping list.
  • Galleons deposit-complete the Letters game and receive the Galleons in your bank account.
  • letter from Hermione-letter is on the table, far left.
Chapter 4, Scene 2-Floo Powder
 Lots to collect here:
  • Floo Powder– look for the small pot on the top left side of the mantle over the fireplace.
  • Scullery Key-on the top right hanging on the side of the fireplace mantle.
  • Fire Tongs-pick up the Tongs on the right bottom of the fireplace.
  • One Minute Feasts – It’s Magic-first book on the left horizontal.
  • Charm Your Cheese-vertical leaning book.
  • Enchantment in Baking- another horizontal book.
  • Chocolate Frog Card for Ignatia Wildsmith-left side basket on the floor.
Chapter 4, Scene 3 -Borgin and Burkes
A mask? hmmm….
  • 5 Galleons-drawer under the bell.
  • mask-double click or zoom 1 get the mask from the wall upper right.
  • Dragon Liver-double click or zoom 2 and get the Dragon Liver on the far back table.


Chapter 4, Scene 4-Lucius Malfoy
Where is the hairpin? Need that hairpin.
  • Peppermint-get this from the shopping basket, purple dressed lady.
  • Hairpin-from the women’s braid in the blue dress.
  • Malfoy family: double click or zoom 2, click on Lucius to read this material (again, not a collected item).
  • Encyclopedia of Toadstools-double click or zoom 2 and get this book floating near Lucius.  
  • Magical Me-double click or zoom 1 in front of the display window, easy to spot.
  • Miranda Goshawk Chocolate Frog Card-double click or zoom 1 bookshelf way in the back.

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