Where are the Best Places to View the Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017?

Where are the Best Places to View the Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017?  Not everyone around the United States will enjoy the total solar eclipse.  In fact most people will experience only a partial solar eclipse. If you don’t live somewhere inside what is called the “Path of Totality” then, somewhat unfortunately,  you will not be able to witness a pure total solar eclipse.

The best places to view the total eclipse are along this “Path of Totality” which stretches in a southern diagonal direction across the United States.


Here are the best places to view the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017:


Madras, Oregon (West Coast Entry): the interior of Oregon, a 2 hour drive from Portland. You will  have some of the best views and weather.

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Snake River, Idaho (Eastern Region): open fields and roads to help find that perfect view.

Casper, Wyoming: open land, open highways and not a lot of  people. This is a perfect viewing area for the total solar eclipse.

Sandhills Country, Nebraska: weather reports over the years in this area have been favorable for clear skies. The view here could be perfect.

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St. Joseph, Missouri: this location is right on the center line so offers one of the longest duration. There will be a large viewing party in this city. Check for details and times.

Carbondale, Illinois: another location that offers a long duration for the total solar eclipse.

Hopkinsville, Kentucky: another great spot which has good duration and organized viewing parties.

Nashville, Tennessee: enjoy around a 2 minute duration in the biggest city in the pathway.

Great Smokey Mountains National Park: enjoy great expansive views in this northern part of the pathway and visuals of the moon’s shadow moving across the landscape.

Columbia, South Carolina:  probably the most accessible city for people to congregate along the eastern coast to witness a total solar eclipse.