Where Can I Download The New Facebook Paper App?

You’ve been hearing about it, seeing it pop-up on your news feed, watching social media cover it and aware Facebook has been touting it for quite a long time. The new Facebook Paper app is here where you can tell and share your Facebook Stories.  In some ways the Paper is similar to past Flipboard content reader, but in the end the final product looks and feels like only something Facebook could ultimately deliver.

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If you’re asking yourself, “where can I download the new Facebook Paper app so I can tell and share my Facebook Story”, then head on over to Apple iTunes. Facebook just released this app for iPhone initially.

Facebook paper is available right now only on itunes app store for the iphone with a future release date for android devices likely being announced in the near future. Get the Facebook Paper app now.

So what is Facebook Paper exactly, what does it do and how is it different than the regular Facebook mobile app and traditional desktop site?

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For those still not totally familiar with the new Facebook Paper app here is a short breakdown of some of its features and capabilities:


Facebook Paper Sections

  • one of the main features if the customizing of the app; Facebook is allowing you to choose from over 12 formats of themes and topics, and easily integrate and customize your Paper with content from outside news sources
  • the new Facebook Paper app has a magazine like experience with the highlighted post with stunning high resolution images at the top and smaller thumbnails images featured at the bottom.
  • the interface is easy to navigate or as Facebook states “responds easy to your touch”
  • autoplays of video will be full screenshot
  • cover images of stories of interest to you will be easy to recognize
  • see a live preview of your post before posting
  • stories can be presented full screen and distraction free, comparable to other established news reader apps
  • tilt your phone and experience more high resolution images
  • you can create and edit sections easily and hassle free
  • each section includes photos, videos, essays and articles

Take the tour of the Facebook Paper now.

Watch the Facebook Paper video preview which gives an excellent preview of how Facebook Stories can be told, shared and displayed. Watch in the video how easy it is to move things around with the slight movement of the thumb. Photos that highlight a story can be easily “flipped” over like a newspaper (see video). When a Facebook Story comes up see how easy it is to read and how a simple string of scrolling photos appears.

When it comes to the edit features for themes and topics watch how easy it is to accomplish these tasks when watching the preview video. In some ways it the video is so self explanatory it can serve as a quick preview Facebook Paper tutorial.

More importantly, the Facebook Paper video shows a warm, personal approach to discovering personal content that you want delivered to your phone in a visually easy manner and at the same time a real easy and friendly tech way to publish your Facebook Stories to share with your close social network.

Facebook Paper has arrived and in my opinion gives Facebook a different, more pleasing and simplistic experience, devoid of some of the clutter and confusing displays and navigation of the mobile and desktop Facebook platform.

Please leave your Facebook Paper review in the comment section below. Do you like Facebook Paper? If so, what do you like or even dislike about it?

Download the Facebook Paper app right here at the itunes app store. The Facebook Paper app is free.