Where Can I Download The Popular Flappy Bird App By Dong Nguyen?

This post will definitely not satisfy anyone looking for a positive answer to this question. Can I still play Flappy Bird? Well, yes, if you already have it on your phone. The popular game app for iPhone and Android called Flappy Bird was quickly pulled from the itunes store and Google stores today and is no longer available for download.

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The apps owner Dong Nguyen claims frustration over the apps sudden rise in popularity. If you follow this tweet line you can see the owners deliberate build up to the ending of Flappy Bird’s abrupt termination.


Flappy Bird tweets


First he states “I cannot take this anymore” with a tweet tweeted on Feb. 8, 2014. Along with that tweet he prepares the world for Flappy Bird’s removal from the app store in a period of 22 hours. In subsequent tweets he hints that his reasons are not related to legal issues, and that he, Nguyen, is not interested in selling the game. Then a last tweet states he will still make games.

Speculation has run rampant on what possible motivation or reason Dong Nguyen had with his sudden ending of the hot selling app Flappy Bird. He was pulling in over 50,000 in ad revenue a day leading up to the ending of the download. Some have suggested the game was pulled up so fast by unethical use of bots to spam it to the top. Others seem to suggest he might be tweaking the game for another release that would require a purchase. Still others have speculated he might be looking to cash in selling the game, although one of his last tweets was contrary to this idea.

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All we can do is wait at this point to see what Nguyen decides to do with the Flappy Bird app. In the mean time Dong Nguyen fans can try out some of his other games like Shuriken Block.

Probably the best place to follow the latest on the Flappy Bird app is by following Dong Nguyen’s own Twitter account at


You can also follow all the latest tweets by following the Flappy Bird hashtag #flappybird and Dong Nguyen hashtag #dongnguyen on Twitter right now.