Where Can I Find, Play and Watch Vine Videos On The Computer?

Have you been wondering like me the following question: where can I find, play and watch Vine videos on the computer?

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As many of you know Vine is a mobile application by Twitter for smartphones and can be downloaded on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). You can upload these videos straight to your Vine profile page so your followers can see them and you can share them on Twitter and Facebook and tag them with hashtags.

But the Vine website is pretty vague on where you can watch thousands of these Vine 6 second videos on your computer or laptop all in one place.

Well, we are in luck as there are several quality websites that have aggregated Vine video data allowing us to see Vine videos on the Internet using a computer or laptop instead of a smartphone.

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Each one of these sites have constant daily Vine video updates and groups videos by certain categories, trending hashtags, and popularity.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking out loud, “just take me straight to the Vine videos already!”

I searched the Internet rather thoroughly and discovered that these 11 websites are the best or top sites for watching Vine videos. What’s great about this list of websites is that they will allow you to watch Vine videos from the convenience of your home using the enhanced features of a bigger video monitor display and a clearer audio sound coming from a desktop computer or laptop.

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If you’re looking for the best daily Vine videos also, you will surely find them listed on one of these top Vine sites below.



1. Seenive: this is a premiere Vine video website where you can watch all the latest popular Vine videos all on one site. On their homepage there is usually a hot or best video highlighted at the top of the page. Below you will see videos categorized by Popular Vine Videos and Hot Viners. You can also follow Vine videos by trending hashtags.

Using Seenive is a great experience as there is a Channels section where you can search for videos listed under things like Comedy, Music, Dogs, Weird, Urban, Sports and Cats. You can also search for Vine videos from the editor’s picks and the top 100 Viners. You can also search by people or hashtags and who are the top Viners.



2. Vinerise: this is another featured website that aggregates Vine videos. Like many of these sites the videos are divided into categories like by popular hashtags, rising Vine videos, new Vines and popular tags. You can also add a Vine of your own.



3. funnyvinevideos: the name says it all, here you can watch funny Vine videos. Funny Vines are tagged with hashtags. Latest videos show numbers of views and Facebook likes. Hit the Shuffle button and see a random video come up.



4. vine-videos: has a featured Vine video at the top with popular and trending funny videos.  You can do a random Vine video search and see what funny stuff comes up.



5. facebook.com/bestvinevideosever: a Facebook page for Best Vine Videos.



6.Vinebox: has a nice preview page with popular, funny and top Vines and Viners. Click on top tags to see the latest videos tagged with hashtags.


7. YouTube: watch all the latest Vine video compilations for the month, best Vine videos of the day and the best Vines of the 2013 year.


8.Reddit: see Reddit’s vine compilation page with user submitted videos and links daily.


Vine Videos linked to all the Top Social Networks: 


9. Vine on Twitter


10. Vine on GooglePluse


11. Vine on YouTube


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