Where Can I Find The 2012 Summer Olympics Medal Count Standings?

This year’s Games of the XXX Olympiad will be completely integrated with efficient streamlined technology like never before. When it comes to the London 2012 Summer Olympics many of us like me want an easy way to follow the Olympic medal count or standings.  I found really 3 effective ways to do this: 1) follow the official London Olympic and NBC news coverage website’s medal standing page. 2) download a medal standing count alerts free app for your mobile iphone device or android. 3) follow real time medal counts with tweets and links on Twitter.

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Official Olympic and News Medal Count and Standing Pages

London2012: the official website of the 2012 Olympics London2012 has set up this easy to follow medal standings page. Look for the medal count to go live once the games begin.

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NBC Olympics: this is the nbcolympics.com medal standings page where you can get information on the first and last medal awarded, all-time medal standings, what the 2012 Olympic medals look like, stories about winning the gold, charts comparisons, fun facts, interactive polls and of course the current 2012 Olympics medal standings interactive chart.

The NBC Olympics medal standings chart is an easy interactive search script where you can find medals broken down by individual countries, by individual sports, gold, silver, bronze, men, women, and mixed.


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BBC Sport: has set up an Olympic Medal Table that will begin once the first medal is awarded.

Reuters: a simple Olympic medal table from reuters.com.


Medal Count Standings For Mobile Phone iphone and Android

MedalAlerts: a free universal iOS app that you can download for free from the itunes app store. This app has a live interactive medal count table with push notifications in real time. You can share real time medal results on Facebook and Twitter.

2012 London Medal Tracker: free Android app from appbrain.com that lets you easily track the medal counts in real time. The medal tabs are easy to use just find a country and see the medal breakdown for that country, how many gold, silver and bronze medals awarded.

Follow Medal Count Standings on Twitter

@USAMEDALCOUNT: track and follow the United States medal count with this Twitter page will tweet up to date standings on results and medal counts for team USA.


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