Where Can I Find The Most Crazy and Craziest Vine Videos and Viners?

The whole Vine, Viners and ViningĀ phenomenon has taken off in popularity as these short viral videos are being shared on many of the top social networking Internet sites and even TV for that matter, and rightfully so. Even Ellen Degeneres has gotten into the act promoting these videos with her “Vine after Vine Segment” on her show, the Ellen Degeneres show.

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What are Vines? Vines, the concept created and owned by Twitter, are short 6 second entertaining videos that loop continuously. People are being extremely creative with these videos and post lots of them daily under various categories and hashtags. But Vine is a mobile app. You will discover this if you are a conventional desktop user and you head on over to Vine.com.

If you would like to know where you can find lots of Vine videos to watch on a desktop computer or laptop then click on the links below to see all the websites that aggregate these videos off of Vine’s mobile site and feature them on their own site. The videos of course can be enjoyed on your desktop or laptop because of the larger viewing screen and enhanced audio.

Have you also been wondering or asking yourself this question, “where can I find the craziest Vine videos for the computer?“. If you have, then I may have answered it for you right here. The following Vine video websites listed below are some of the top Vine related sites out there. Just click on the links and see what Viners are posting under the topic of craziest Vine Videos.

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Crazy and Craziest Vine Videos

1. Where are Viners posting their videos? Well on Vine of course, but they also can be aggregated somewhere else.

Let’s start with Seenive, one of the premiere Vine video sharing websites on the Internet. Click on the following links to see a nice preview page of tagged crazy Vine videos.

Crazy Vine Videos on Seeive

Craziest Vine Videos on Seenive

2. Now head over to Vinerise to see what videos are being pulled to the front page for crazy and craziest.

Crazy Vine Videos on Vinerise

Craziest Vine Videos on Vinerise

3. Vine Roulette is a nice search engine type of websites. Head on over to see some of the craziest videos around on Vine.

Crazy Vines on Roulette

Craziest Vines on Roulette

4. What’s happening at Funny Vine Videos:

Crazy Vine Videos on Funny Vine Videos

5. And now Vine Box:

Crazy Vine Videos

Craziest Vine Videos

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