Where Can I Find The New Facebook App Center Store?

Facebook launched the App Center Thursday night, June 7th 2012, for most of their U.S. users.  This is a big deal as Facebook is trying to integrate these apps with their new Timeline platform. The App Center is open to both the basic web and mobile setups but will only be available in the United States at first for a while. Although, Facebook announce that the roll out app center into other countries will be done in a swift fashion.  

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The official number of start up apps is around 600 and will be growing fast. The newly launched Facebook App Center is not to be confused with the Apple App store which will come up first when you type in “Facebook app store”  in the Google search box.

How do you get an app from the Facebook App Center?

1. On the left you will see recommended apps such as Draw Something, Scramble With Friends, Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest, iHeartRadio, Zynga Poker, Angry Birds Friends, ESPN, Hanging With Friends, Bejeweled Blitz, Scrabble, Bingo Blitz and Vivo to name a few.

2. On the right of the App Center you will see the Apps of your friends that they have most recently used.

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So you may be asking, how do I get an app from the Facebook App Center?  Click on the app that interests you.  See if you need to click on either the “visit website” or the “get app” buttons.  Once you click on the “get app” or the “visit website” button you will be taken to the company Facebook brand page website of the app itself or a separate website entirely where you can download the app and follow the setup instructions. 

Some advanced parts of these Facebook apps might ask  if you would like to pay for a premium service for an extra fee. Spotify is one of these apps. It is up to you if you’d like to pay for the upgrade or you can continue using the free version.

So where is the Facebook App Center or Store? I couldn’t have made it any easier, here is the Facebook App Center link below:


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