Where Can I Get Solar Eclipse Glasses?

With the long awaited return of a rare total solar eclipse people everywhere will be looking for eclipse glasses that are especially safe to use while staring at an eclipse.

If you’re serious about buying a safe solar eclipse glasses with the correct filters please see this page listing reputable manufacturers and authorized dealers of solar filters.  There is a list of solar filter brands, optics vendors, retail chains and online vendors.

If you’re looking for free solar eclipse glasses then you might want to check out your local library. The Space Science Institute in conjunction with the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation are distributing more than 2 million pairs of free, yes free, eclipse glasses to around 4,800 public libraries and branches across the country.

Here is a complete list of libraries giving away solar eclipse glasses.

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Here is another page that list the libraries giving away solar eclipse glasses.

Here is a great article on eye safety tips on a NASA page to use during a solar eclipse.

Finally, here is a page that lists the top 5 solar eclipse glasses.

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Enjoy the total solar eclipse this August 2017 and stay safe.