Who Is The Artist For Today’s Little Nemo Google Land Doodle Search?

I haven’t posted a Google Doodle articles in a while but today’s Google search logo Doodle is a stunning beauty and a long over due tribute to one of the greatest influential comic strip and animated cartoon artists the world has ever seen.

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As you click through the various frames of today’s Google search Doodle you’ll probably notice this particular artist has a unique intimate style and color palette. So who is the artist for today’s Little Nemo Google search Doodle? Google is recreating the masterful art work of comic and animated artist Winsor McCay who lived from 1869 to 1934.

McCay is considered one of the true pioneers of cartoon animation and comic strip cartoons and today’s Google Doodle celebrates his most famous work, Little Nemo in Slumberland. This was a comic strip began in 1905 and is considered one of the original classic cartoon illustrative stories.

As the panel frames suggest this is a dream like world where a character named Nemo dreamed of visiting an enriched world called Slumberland. There was a Princess, her father named King Morpheus, and several other characters like Flip and Impy. In the final frame of the strip as is the same in the Google Doodle Nemo always woke up in his bed.

McCay’s Slumberland is full of the exotic, bizarre and almost circus like distortions of the living, a sort of surreal but accurate vision of a dream like state of some sort of strange fantasy land.

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McCay’s comic cartoon style was inherently full of movement almost as if he was thinking animation first. This obvious need to create a visual, moving art form lead him to create a short film that featured a short, colorful form showing off animated characters. McCay’s short feature was called “Little Nemo” and is considered by many to be the precursor to the animation film genre that took off in the 1930’s.


Today’s Google Doodle “Little Nemo in Google-Land” is a tribute to this wonderful and influential comic and cartoon animation artist. Google shows Nemo falling through the panels like in a comic strip and shows some moving frames of the bizarre creations found in McCay’s world. Google shows the letters of its logo in chronological order with one in each panel.

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