Who Won The Pacquiao Marquez Fight?

This is the question boxing fans around the world are asking who were not able to attend the fight, see it on PPV or follow it in real time on Twitter.

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This was Manny Pacquiao’s fourth bout with Juan Marquez and coming off a decision lost in June you would have expected Pacquiao would be at his best. Add the extra fuel to the fire of Juan Marquez’s fighting words in which he has repeatedly believed he won some of those past fights.

The fight was a classic. Both men came out aggressive with many people on Twitter giving the first round to Pacquiao.

In round 3 Pacquiao falls to the canvas at around the 1:19 mark with a hit to the jaw. Fans were looking shocked. However; in round 4 Pacquiao backhands Marquez who also drops down to the floor. So at this point both fighters have hit the canvas once.

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But then comes the round that will be remember forever and will be answering the question on what round was Pacquiao knocked out in the Marquez fight? In round 6 Marquez knocks out Manny Pacquiao to declare a victory in this fight. A total knockout towards the last seconds of the round. And it was officially over, Pacquiao loses the fight to Marquez. A KO in round 6 ended the fight.

Pacquiao fans will surely be disappointed in this result. Pacquiao was talking about being aggressive and going after Marquez. However, it is clear that losing these last two fights Pacquiao might have seen his best days.

The fight was a good one, yet it was quick. If you want to follow all the latest tweets on Twitter about the fight then click on the following post below to see all the trending hashtags right now.


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